February 12, 2018


JAX Beach Ward


Piero Pacella

Miracles, Miracles, Miracles! - group email

Hey Friends and Family! (aka Yall) 😂
Wow this week has been amazing! We had about 5 referrals come in this week! All of them being self referrals! Some of them are being taught by some other missionaries but they are elect! One girl came walking in to church just completely on her own! She said she was interested in learning more about our faith. She was really nervous but the members just took her under their wing and gave her lots of compliments and she said she felt super emotional the whole time. So pray for her! She is YSA age so she might go to the YSA elders but it doesn't matter because she is amazing!
Some of the other referrals we haven't met yet, however we did meet a guy who had met with missionaries before. We had went to the referrals house to drop off a Bible and as we were leaving we saw this guy and started talking to him! He explained he met with missionaries in the past but then he moved and never got around to meeting with the missionaries here! So that was a huge miracle! It just makes the work so much more fun HOWEVER, it's no excuse for me to slow down my own efforts. I'm gonna keep trying to work super hard.
Other than that this week has been alot of fun. We had sports night on Friday and that was really fun! It's a great chance for our investigators to bond with the ward in a more comfortable environment. The young women in this ward love to play basketball so they are always inviting friends and less active to come play so it's been a huge success! We had Zone Conference on Thursday. It was so good to see a lot of my best friends from serving in Normandy. I have come to learn that some of my best buds are the ones that I have fun times with but also spiritual experiences with. I'll never forget my companions and other missionaries I've met.
A big theme I've been studying lately is about the book of Mormon. We studied it in zone conference as well as in church. Specifically about gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon and why it's so essential to conversion. It was awesome. It strengthens my testimony alot. I took alot of things for granted back home, one of them being the Book of Mormon. I don't know of any other book that can give me so much peace and comfort. I can't think of any other thing that gives me such a strong feeling of happiness than a book. I promise If any person who truly seeks for that feeling and prays to know if it's true will feel it. I've recently been studying in Alma and I've been inspired in Alma 5 how willing and humble he was to give up the judgement seat to go and preach the gospel. What an example.
I'm sorry for this long email! I know most people just look at the pics anyways but I figured since I sent a short email last week I'd make it up. I just want everyone to know, that I'm grateful for this opportunity. I'm not perfect. I struggle every day with my problems and temptations. We all have our own struggles, however I'm grateful to know that I'm not alone. That someone out there truly knows me.. I just want other people to feel of that love. I can't think of any better way to spend my first two years out of high school not knowing a thing about adulthood, than to build my sure foundation on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.. What a blessing. I love you all thanks for all the support you've given me! ❤️
What I'm Studying: Alma 1-5
"Its not a SACRIFICE. It's just WHO YOU ARE."
Also, yes I cut my hair super short because I got so tired of the heat and rain messing up my hair 😂 it's been awhile since I've had short hair haha
1) just a cool little area of the swamp2) shout to Dylan Jones for sending me a picture of my boss back home 😂 it sits on my desk as I study hahah kinda creepy but I love it3) my mom would be in heaven because there are so many beach cruisers here this area4) the jag wagon.. Do I need to go on?5,6) last week when we played volleyball at a park by the beach!


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