January 15, 2018


Normandy Ward Jacksonville, Florida


Jo B Shurtliff

I love being a missionary - group email

Such a good week!
Lots of spirit filled opportunities this past week! We got the opportunity to watch president Monsons funeral. How special and tender that was to hear the love and appreciation everyone had for him. He truly was an inspirational man. I love to see the changes that the gospel makes in peoples live. One of our investigators we teach has found so much peace. She comes to church and feels the influence of the spirit in her life. She feels happy. She has hope in God's eternal plan. She has shared some experiences with her friends at school and can proudly say she reads the book of Mormon and is a Christian. I love the change she's going through and it inspires me to keep trying every day to be better.
We teach this hilarious guy named Chris. He looks like an older version of Rob dyrdek. So when I start missing his shows I'll just go talk to Chris 😂 he's so funny though! He says some very innapropriate things sometimes but he's a great guy. He served in the Vietnam war. He ran the 800 in track so we were able to bond a lot with that. He's way faster than I ever was but hey it's all good 😂
We went out to eat at taco bell with a member on Wednesday. We ordered our food and this guy told us like 5 times that mtn dew has caffeine. We told him that as Mormons we can drink caffeine and he like didn't believe us so he kept warning us 😂 whenever we ask people "do you want a picture of Jesus Christ?" We always get people that say "ain't nobody know what Jesus looks like bruh" and it's just like ohhh my goodness ok you right but hey it brings us closer to him. 😂 it's just such a different culture down here, I love it so much. Everyone loves Jesus.
Well it's gonna be another great week! I wish every one the best! I'm not sure if I'm gonna stay in Normandy or not, I'll let you all know next Monday! Should be good I'm excited for whatever happens. I love y'all ❤
What I'm studying: 2 Nephi 31


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