January 8, 2018


Normandy Ward Jacksonville, Florida


Jo B Shurtliff

Go Jags! - Group email

Hey Everybody! I made Gumbo! (Name that movie)
It's been an interesting week with lots of interesting people! We had a great time visiting people and seeing our investigators, we had 3 come to church so we were happy! I was able to bear my testimony and really enjoyed it. Our testimony is all we got sometimes and it's what we know to be true! It's what the spirit has born witness to us as true and I'm grateful.
I'm grateful for a prophet! I'm gonna miss president Monson that's for sure! He is a beloved prophet that was called or God. I try to read a talk of his everyday in remembrance 😊 our new mission theme for the year is "minister one by one" I'm excited. We are focusing more on listening and truly helping people rather than just finding tons of people who we will never talk to again. It totally makes sense to me but it's been a big struggle for missionaores who have been out for awhile and are so used to just finding tons of investigators. I'm super excited for this year.
I met some crazy people this week. We met this guy who was walking down a street and he was saying how he's talked to missionaries before. He said he was almost Mormon but was upset that we didn't practice polygamy anymore so he stopped 😂 that was a first! He was like "it just made sense! Marry tons of people and bless your posterity!" 😂 we also helped an investigator in Timuquana ward move into Normandy ward. He's the old crazy guy and he just kept saying the most innapropriate comments 😂 and he'll just go on forever talking to himself hahaha he's such an awesome guy!
Something is a stirring! Can't believe the Jaguars are in the playoffs! It's been crazy to watch this city go crazy for them. They need it. This city desperately needs something to bond over. So GO JAGS! Also it's super cold here! The locals say it's been like unusually cold which is weird. It was a possible chance of snowing even!
Well I love you all so very much! Y'all are amazing I love you all ❤
What I'm studying: 1 Nephi 11


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