December 4, 2017


Normandy Ward Jacksonville, Florida


Jo B Shurtliff

I love Florida - group email


Another great week in the South! We had a fun week. So I guess to start off, our 3 baptismal dates are gonna have to get pushed back a couple weeks. They aren't coming to church no matter how much they try to. They still want to but it just hasn't been happening so we'll see what happens haha. We had a very interesting experience with them. We were outside talking to them on Saturday when this guy starts driving by yelling at us telling us to stop telling lies. So Jeilyn, greilyen, and their dad, just start yelling at them backing us up! It was wacky. So the spirit had kinda left and they were angry.

We decided to go into the lesson. But greilyen was scared the whole time and zoned out.. We asked what was wrong and she said she was hearing voices telling her she needed to run because something was about to attack her. We decided to say a prayer and invite the spirit and cast anything unclean out, and we all still felt the spirit except for her.. She was just being so distracted by Satan. So please keep her in your prayers. ❤

I used to not believe in stuff like this, but I'm convinced the more you allow Christ into your life the harder Satan will try to distract you, but I can testify that Satan will have no power over you with Christ as your foundation. It gives me such peace and such strength to continue to strengthen my faith in Christ. I love the power that comes from the atonement and his loving sacrifice.

On Thursdays we play basketball with investigators. It's very successful i think. We got lots of recent converts, less active, and investigators there. It goes really well and it's super fun. Elder Shurtliff is baller. He's so good. I'm better though 😉 sike.

Fun moments. We have an Elder Timiquana ward (which is the ward just south of us) who is literally an exact replica of brother Steve Pounders. My goodness it makes me so happy. I miss bro pounders so having him is a good like similarity to home. He loves to hunt, cook, and most of all... being a practical jokester hahaha. He's hilarious. Sister Pereira came back to the mission! So that was fun. The picture of us is us doing the classic sisters pose they all do for pictures haha. We always do it 😂 she's feeding us sometime this week so we'll be see how to goes haha, it was super awkward honestly lol.

Anyways I love you all! Have a great week! Remember to light the World! 🌟❤

What I'm studying: 3 Nephi 2-9

This bike I'm riding is a loner bike I used while my bike was waiting to get fixed so it was really crappy. The seat broke and so I had to write it like this all goofy like 😂 luckily I'm optimistic and we got a crack out of it haha.


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