November 27, 2017


Normandy Ward Jacksonville, Florida


Jo B Shurtliff

Happy...Noddle Day? - group email

Hey y'all!

I hope everyone had a Happy Turkey Day! Lots of fun over here in Florida! Southern take pride in there southern cooking especially when it comes to thanksgiving! We got treated her wwll. The Sisters and Elders went over to Bishop Nhiev for dinner. We had a Cambodian/American style thanksgiving. So I had noodles and Turkey! It was sooo good. We had a fun time playing games, drinking egg nog, and talking with members and investigators. We made tons of cookies for the ward! No where near as good as them soda rush cookies but that's ok. I'm always bragging about soda rush out here and how they were number 1 in the valley! It kills me that their is no soda places out here! That's ok though haha.

We had a pretty good week! Found some good investigators which is always nice! We are focusing more towards finding solid investigators rather than just focusing on getting tons of investigators. It's going great so far! The FJM is going places. I want there to be a temple in the plans before I leave here!

I gave a talk in church on Sunday. It was on the blessings I received from reading the Book of Mormon. It went really good! My favorite scripture I shared was Alma 37: 36-37. It's so true that when we counsel with the Lord he can help us. My testimony of the book of Mormon has strengthened so much. I wish I would've used it more as a resource back home. The key is to be able to liken it unto our selves. (1 Nephi 19:23) I love doing that with people we teach. When you allow them to have personal experiences with the book of Mormon it gets them more interested and wanting to read more. It's a powerful experience when the spirit is able to penetrate their hearts. I can testify that the book of Mormon has the answers to all of life's questions!

Go check out the New LIGHT THE WORLD VIDEO!! I'm so excited for it! I love you all, have a great week! Much love.

What I'm studying: Helaman 3-6


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