November 6, 2017


Normandy Ward Jacksonville, Florida


Jo B Shurtliff

Transfers, Lee Donaldson, and first bible bash... - group email

Hello y'all,

It's been a crazy week! Transfer week seems insane like the whole time! Elder Folsom went to stay at the mission home on Monday and transfers were on Wednesday. So I spent the days with a good friend named Elder Walker. And let me tell you it was sooo fun! He's in Whitehouse ward which is right above Normandy and we just had a blast finding people and biking around. We laughed a lot 😂

ELDER SHURTLIFF is amazing. We are very very similar. He loves basketball so it'll be super fun on P-days! We both have 2 younger sisters and we just have so much fun talking and working hard. He's only been out 5 months so we are just gonna be creative and find the best way to do missionary work here in Normandy. And it has been going GREAT. We have found 6 new investigators in four days so we are on a good track right now.

We have been so filled with the spirit and so full of guidance and direction which is super amazing. So I had a general authority come watch our ward council...I was kinda nervous but it went well! He's the area resource specialist for the southwest area. There's only 4 others like him so he's a pretty big deal. It was super inspirational. He's a good teacher and gave us some cool tips about our technology and so called phase 2 starting in January.

The other night I got in my first bible bash.. I now realize that it is completely pointless because we both thought we were wrecking each other. It just frustrates me when people bash on Joseph Smith when they don't understand how much sacrifice and pain that man went through just to bring forth this great gospel.. luckily it was a respectful bible bash but I walked away kinda upset because he just was bashing on Joseph Smith. Im gonna do better at learning to just walk away a lot sooner.

Anyways I love you all! ❤

What I'm studying: Alma 34

Bishop Nhiev likes to answer the phone saying "office of the first presidency" so we took this reenactment picture haha, I gave elder Shurtliff my glasses to wear so he can be Henry B Eyring.


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