October 30, 2017


Normandy Ward Jacksonville, Florida


Miles Folsom

I'm staying in NORMANDY!! - group email


I'M STAYING IN NORMANDY!!! I'm super excited. I absolutely love this ward and the work that is here. Elder Folsom goes home tomorrow so it's no surprise to me that I'm getting a new companion haha. His name is Elder Shurtleff. He's only been out four months so we'll be hitting the streets of Normandy young and ready to work hard! In Normandy there are 4 missionaries. 2 Elders and 2 sisters. I'm the only one staying. Everyone else is either going home or getting transferred so hey the Lord needs me here for a reason! We got some new STL's that are in Normandy and I'm super excited to get to work with them and baptize Normandy.

This past week has been crazy.. I want to share one experience that has really strengthened my testimony of the priesthood. Their was a set of elders that were stressing out a lot and so a few of us elders decided to take them out for a milkshake moment the last 20 minutes of the night. One of the elders got out of the car and he was SUPER cold. He was cold all night. We discovered that a couple minutes earlier some guy yelled at them saying bad stuff about the Mormons. Elder Folsom sad that a cold feeling can be a sign of an evil spirit lingering. We got back to the apartment to give him a blessing. We casted out any evil spirits or demons and INSTANTLY his body was warm.. the cool thing is everyone in the blessing testified that we just felt a rush of warmth run through our hands and onto his head.. WHOA. The priesthood power is real!

Elder Folsom got to go to the Orlando temple on Thursday so I got to spend the whole day in Mandarin YSA. College towns are so fun!! We went to do some contacting and planning at UNF which is a beautiful campus! You literally just walk into the woods and then all the sudden this campus is just there! It's so fun talking to people my age and seeing their thoughts and beliefs. Their was this guy who had a huge beach ball out in this pavilion. And to show free speech awareness he would let anyone write whatever they want on it. (Basically an uncensorship ball) and so we went up there and put all over it 😂😂 spread some positivity!

We had the trunk or treat! We had a part member family come which was great for their kids! We combined with the Timuquana ward so their was a lot of missionaries their with investigators. We had a great time. We judged the chili and decorated a trunk 😎 two kids in Normandy got their mission calls! Kelton Nhiev is going to Cambodia! And Christian Duling is going to Nampa Idaho speaking Spanish! I hope I go to their farewells! They both leave in January. Super excited.

So Jenna dropped us. :( she was very respectful about it though. Obviously I'm not gonna let her off so easily 😉 so I'm still gonna make occasional visits and keep her interested and praying. I've been learning to be real bold with investigators and not give up on them when I know the gospel will bless their lives. They obviously still have their agency but I can't let them off the hook so easily 😉

I love you all! I love when y'all write me, It keeps me motivates and I'm so thankful for all your support! God bless you all! ❤

What I'm studying: all of Genesis. I'm really into the 12 tribes and mapping out the generations of them all right now haha. Mosiah 3, Alma 7, the book of Mark .

Sorry for all the pics, I'm trying to do better at always having pictures. 😊


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