October 23, 2017


Normandy Ward Jacksonville, Florida


Miles Folsom

Nasty Bananas and Blessings - Group email

Hey Y'all!

Sorry I've been meaning to explain where I'm at the past emails but I keep forgetting haha. I am serving in the Normandy ward. We are in the same apartment complex as Spanish and we see a lot of stuff that Seth Mlazgar has done to that apartment. 😉 our bishop is Cambodian like I've mentioned and he is super cool! He's a really great bishop. It's likely I'll stay here next transfer with my second half trainer since we just white washed in. We share the area with a set of sisters. They do work! They are the Sister Training Leaders and they are rock solid missionaries who baptize all the time it seems like haha. But Normandy is an awesome place full of a variety of different cultures and religions, I love it though.

It's been a great week! It's been going by so fast and I've only just begun. Some kind of crazy stuff has been happening haha. So our investigator Jenna who came to church with us has been doing great! This past Wednesday we had an appointment scheduled with her. And then we get this message on Facebook telling us it's her bday! She decided to reschedule. About 15 minutes later we get another message from her asking us to PLEASE come to her birthday party....what. 😂 Elder Folsom and I just sat there like uhhh... what do we do.

We decided to pray about it and the Lord told us to go, but to spend no more than 15 minutes there. So we got her some treats and went over there. She had a small group of friends there from work and none of them were LDS so it was a great opportunity for us to share the gospel and it went well! We explained our religion and a couple seemed interested! It was an interesting experience one for the journal for sure.

We had a lesson on Friday with an investigator. She is great! We brought a couple in our ward who we thought could connect well with her, she's a single mom with 3 little kids. At the time we went over she was babysitting 2 other kids so there was 5 in total. And those kids were FULL of energy. So we're doing our best to have this lesson while all the kids are going crazy. As Elder Folsom is teaching I'm kneeling on the ground with some of the kids showing them the pictures in the Book of Mormon. Eventually they lose patience and go run around some more. So I stand up and reach in my bag to grab my tablet when I just feel mush... one of the kids shoved 3 week old mushy banana in my bag! 😭😂 my goodness it was nasty. It got all over my bag, arms, and pants. I don't know how I didn't see it. 😂

One night we were at the church doing Facebook work and one of the sister missionaries really needed a blessing. She was having some anxiety and some health concerns. So us 4 and the bishop went into the bishops office to give a blessing. I was so happy when she requested that I give her the blessing. I was happy because she's known my companion for a long time but she wanted me to do it. And so I did and I could feel the spirit working. She felt a lot more comfortable and at ease. I love the priesthood power.

We went bowling today! It was pretty fun! I was doing pretty good I was atleast top 3 out of both games 😏 hahaha but it's always fun to bond with the district! I wish I had a picture! One of the sisters has it and we can't email each other so I'll try to get it from her next week!

What I'm studying: the Correlation between Matthew 25:35-40 and Mosiah 2:17. Matthew 26 alma 18-21.

1. Zone picture from last week.

2. Dinner at our Bishops house with an authentic Cambodian dish

3. A random pic we took when we were bored 😂

4. The beautiful book of Mormon.

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April Duggins says:
Glad you are doing so well Clayton! Keep up the good work! ❤️ Aunt April
on October 27, 2017

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