October 16, 2017


Normandy Ward Jacksonville, Florida


Miles Folsom

Hey Y'all! - group email

Hey Y'all!

This week was pretty good! Our progressing investigator is doing great! She is slowly and surely getting answers to her questions and she finally realized she needs to just pray about everything. It's been fun helping her. There was a woman we met a couple days ago. She asked for a bible and we stopped by and gave her one. She said she talked to her pastor about why she always cries happily when she prays. She said her pastor didn't know! So we taught her that it was the holy ghost testifying to her. We told her that God was happy and showing her that he is listening and loves her! She burst into tears... it made me so happy she hopefully is gonna be a great investigator!

Other than that this whole week we have just been finding and contacting. I've really begun to realize that Arizona is really not as hot as Florida. I've been in denial but it really is just so hot here haha. And it's not even the middle of summer! But I love it here and I'm already used to having sweat on my body 24/7 haha.

Today was zone P day and we carved pumpkin which was a blast ! I kimda just carved a bunch of random stuff but hey it was still fun. Elder Folsom like really put effort into his though 😂 anyways I love y'all! I hope y'all are doing good! Email please and send me letters! I love y'all God Bless!

What I'm studying: Alma 5. I'm also going through a separate book of Mormon and highlighting all the verses that testify of Christ. Also look at Revelations 19:7 and you'll figure out why me and my companion laughed hard at it haha.


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