October 9, 2017


Normandy Ward Jacksonville, Florida


Miles Folsom

Lower Lights, Jenna, and Fun! - group email

Lower Lights, Jenna, and Fun!
Hey Y'all!
Yet another great week In Florida! So I'll start off by telling y'all a miracle! So we met this lady last week named Jen. She is attending college here in Florida. We met her while knocking doors around a referral. She was about to decline our invitation to hear a message when she then started asking us questions. We taught her the gospel a little bit and gave her a book of Mormon. Later in the week we contacted her on Facebook and invited her to church. She came yesterday and even brought a friend! It was so great! I was so shocked at how many things seemed normal to me in church but were totally weird and different to her haha.
We hope she can continue to progress and join the church! She's an elect gator for sure! As I'm sure some of you know, I am on Facebook! It's such a great tool when used for my purpose as a missionary. We're gonna be able to message people and follow up with investigators! So great. Big thing also! We got smart phones now! I never thought I'd ever see this day but they really trust this mission. We are 1 of 12 missions that are gonna be doing all this stuff, with a phase 2 starting in January that no one knows about. I'm excited for the work we can do with this technology! It's rained this past week! An "ok" rainstorm here is like a "great" rainstorm in Arizona. Which is great. However when it's rains it's still like 80-90 degrees out so it's super hot and Humid. Not at all like Arizona but still fun.
This week has been full of fun stuff! I had an interesting door knocking story... (don't worry momma I'm healthy and safe now) so... I woke up on Tuesday kinda sore and not really feeling good. I manned up and decided to just press forward. Mistake number 1. We biked to an apartment complex about 3 miles away. Mistake number 2. I get off my bike and still just feeling a little rough. We walked up to the third floor of this complex and knocked on the door. This lady opened up and we had a great conversation with her! Right after I talked about Joseph Smith, Elder Folsom talked about the book of Mormon.
In the ,middle of him talking... I could feel myself about to puke.. in THE MIDDLE of him talking, I say "Imma be right over here" so I run down the stairs and just puke 😂 oh man that was a very funny journal entry. Elder Folsom said he tried to keep teaching but the lady was just like "I'll just take a pamphlet" hahaha. We had the Spanish elders pick us up. I then took a quick 30 minute nap and prayed for strength to keep going because I didn't wanna stop working. As soon as I prayed I immediately felt better and we got back to work and found a new investigator! That was the key. I needed to pray for strength and help. So always pray! I've learned that God is always wanting to help us we just need to ask for it.
One of our favorite things to do is on the drive home from a long productive day, is to roll the windows down and play "for the beauty of the earth" by the Lower Lights. It's such a beautiful song that really invites the spirit and I love it. It's very peaceful and allows me to reflect on my day and see all the good things to be grateful for. Heavenly Father is amazing.
Well I hope y'all are having a great week! Email me and let me know how y'all are doing! I'd love to hear from ya! The work is moving forward! Love y'all God Bless!
What I've been studying: Mosiah 3, Alma 26 and 42, and Enos 1.


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