October 2, 2017


Normandy Ward Jacksonville, Florida


Miles Folsom

General Conference, Wax Warmers and Moses! - group email

Hey Y'all! Another fun week in the south! People here are great! New favorite thing. Holding hands with people when we pray. Oh man I love asking people down here to pray for us and they just grab your hands and start praying! They pray with such energy and such love you can just tell they love their savior!
Conference was awesome! I learned so much! Lots of emphasis on self improvement and the book of Mormon. I love when they talked about not being so down our self esteem and always striving to improve as well as helping those around us. I love our general authorities. Conference has a deeper meaning on a mission. Also I loved all the shutouts to Florida! We truly are the "yellow angels" and people notice our service. It's a great opportunity to get our foot in the door.

So my companion has converted me to a new way of coping with stress... WAX WARMERS. Hahaha we are such nerds but we bought a bunch of wax cubes and we melt them down like crazy and it's so peaceful. Hahaha oh my I thought it was so weird st first but I love it so much it's so relaxing.

So one day we were out contacting and finding with a priest in the Normandy ward. The three of us knocked on this door and this man from down the street called us over to talk to him. It. Was. Weird. He told us that he was Moses and was preaching through us to convert his people. He told me that I could travel through space and time with my watch if I just change the dates. Haha he said that we are actually in Cuba right now. He gave us his social security number and gave an awful attempt at giving his name in sign language haha. Oh it was so funny we all got in the car and just laughed haha.

I love you all! The work is progressing!

The man taking the selfie is our bishop! He's from Cambodia and has 3 awesome boys! He's so nice and feeds us well! I love the ward so much!


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