September 25, 2017


Normandy Ward Jacksonville, Florida


Miles Folsom

Florida Rocks! - group email

Hey everyone! Things have been very great. I've been learning so much! The spirit is so strong when you do the Lord's work. Elder Folsom is... AMAZING. He truly is a rockstar. He's one of the legends of the mission but he doesn't like to admit it haha. He worked as an office elder for like 5 months so he's been teaching me tips and leading by example of how to be organized and use time efficiently. He's a really awesome companion. There's so much to say about him I can't wait to share some stories. He's brave and loves to just talk to people. He's been a fantastic trainer. Funny story, his aunt Claire works at Soda Rush and she gave me his email like months ago and I contacted him with questions. And then bam now we are companions! I love it and I'm super excited to get to work.

So we actually were gonna be a full bike area! So the first full week we just biked EVERYWHERE. But they spoiled us and found a way to get us a car. Haha I kept teasing elder Folsom telling him he needs to skinny up before he goes home. The days have just been contacting and finding. There is a lot of members here but about 3/4 of them are less active so there is lots of work to be done! We did hurricane service clean up one day for about 6 hours I believe. It was hard work but very fun.

Some interesting things about good ol Florida! A lot of people here believe that "Hey, as long as I'm reading the bible... God will save me!" Its been fun! We met this black man walking along the road and he was just cracking me up. He would mumble on about how he loves God and stuff and we asked if he would take our lessons and he would just say nah nah but I read that bible! It was crazy cuz it was late at night and just down the road it sounded like there was a party. But this black man informed us in his southern voice "nah brotha.. that man down there he preaching!" So we rode down there and there's this big crowd of people just cheering and yelling and this man is just preaching away! Breathing super hard and going crazy haha.

We did service one day at this place where teachers can get free supplies. And I'm helping this black lady with her bags and she looks at me... grabs my name tag... And says "lamb chops.. I got my eyes on you." And we both just started cracking up laughing. She was like "mmm I love me some good lamb chops! Slow roast them in the oven mhmm. But hey.. I got my eyes on you lamb chops!" So crazy and fun haha. Reminded me of you momma.

Everyone here is always so genuine and nice here for the ,most part. Atleast towards Christ. If you talk about Christ they are all ears and just are all in. But.. to them all you gotta do is read the bible and go to church occasionally haha. They appreciate "y'alls" and "yes sirs" and "yes ma'ams" haha. I'm doing well. I've been reading alma 26 and alma 42 and enos 1 and talking about repentance. It is real. I'm learning so much. Your first convert must always be yourself. Everything in the repentance process must happen to you before it can happen to them.

I love what I'm doing. It's not easy but I love it. I'll have hard days but with this gospel I know I can do it. I'm excited to be able to share my experiences and grow closer to Christ. Amazing things are gonna start happening to this mission. I'm excited to get to work! The ward is amazing! Our bishop is so generous and loving and just helps us out so much. He loves the missionaries! The ward is so nice. Everyone is so loving and we get fed a lot. First Sunday was great! I was really really tired not gonna lie. But I love Sundays here. Great things are to come!

I'm sorry I'm terrible at taking pictures, I always forget but I promise I will get better st it!

1. We got to use machetes to cut down some plants haha.
2. We used this picture for roleplays haha. It's so awkward sometimes hahaha.
3. All the elders and sisters at the mission home.


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