July 9, 2017


Butler, WA, Australia


Elder Jacob Smith

A Familiar Companion

Family and friends:

The Butler area is a great area with lots of friendly people. Im glad to be serving the Lord in this part of His vineyard.  The only thing is that it is a biking no car for me to be lazy in. Which is a good thing but still, kinda inconvenient at times like today. We expected a ride from the other elders but they left with out us...sad guys. So we had to take the train which was fine. No problems there.
My new comp in this area is Elder Smith. He is from Idaho and he has been out in the field about 20 months now and has been in this are for a while. The reason why I say he is familiar is because he behaves and acts like one of my good friends back home, Caden Link. If any of you know Caden then you know pretty much what Elder Smith is like. All you need to do is tone down the energy level.  He is a really fun guy to be with.So when I got back from Kalgoorlie I went to get my bike from the mission office and they didn't have it...apparently they gave it away. So I got to pick my own bike! Soo I picked a Trek. Its a really really nice bike, smooth, light. 
This is the most fulfilled I have ever felt on my mission. Both Elder Smith and I are so ready to go on with the work and do all we can. If no one wants to listen to us it won't be because we didn't do all we could do.  We can only do so much with a person then it is up to their own agency. That is what is happening with one of our investigators. Her name is Julie and she is so prepared but she just needs to have to have the courage to make one decision she knows she needs to do but she is too scared to do.
Sunday was nice. Butler ward is a family ward and a very young one at that. Lots of babies. I shared my testimony today and then the missionaries shared a musical item that I only learned about the day before. The other Elders were playing the piano and the clarinet and so Elder Smith and I got stuck with singing. I'm glad my singing has improved but I still don't think it was all that great. People liked it apparently so I guess that's all that matters.  Over all this is a great area, a great ward and a great companionship. Again, this is the most fulfilled I have ever felt on my mission and I want it to continue. 

Elder Otero


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