December 20, 2016


Armadale, WA, Australia


Elder Mauigoa

Rough Week

Merry Christmas from Down Under! Yeah so this has been a bit of a rough week. We did a bit of service this week which cut down on our lesson opportunities and the people we did see it was more of a social visit than anything. I’ve also slacked on my journal writing so I'll try to get back on to that. It's honestly been tough to get in to anyones house lately. The few potentials we do have actually ended up not being able to keep the appointment that was set. It feels a bit different leading the area and making all the decisions. I'm also not that great at making decisions myself so that is a pretty big problem. I just need to step it up.

On the plus side we had Zone Conference which was very inspirational and uplifting. One of the biggest things for me was the emphasis on prayer. Not just praying but truly communicating with our Father in Heaven. Talking and expressing your feelings with Him. One other thing that stuck out to me was that praying for the same thing over and over again isn’t 'vain repetitions' if you truly mean what you are saying and you really do want that to happen. It shows dedication to your goals and that you are truly sincere.

We watched a movie off of and it’s called “Winter Thaw”. It's so good and worth watching as a family. The whole main message is that it is never too late to change your ways, habits, or anything for that matter, truly a good message.

We also watched the Christmas Devotional and that was really good as well. I thought it was really interesting that it was mentioned (I forgot by who) that there would be no Christmas without an Easter. The simple fact that without His eternal sacrifice for sin that the birth of Christ would have been just any other baby. But because He did sacrifice Himself for us we are able to rely on Him as our Redeemer and thus there is a reason to celebrate Christmas. This is a really amazing time of the year that is filled with family, joy and hope. It really is an amazing time of the year.

Sorry for the short email. I'll try better next week. I love you all and can't wait to hear from you!

Elder Otero


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