December 4, 2016


Armadale, WA, Australia


Elder Antonio


Family and Friends,
The time has finally come to where Elder Antonio and I will part ways. It has been a glorious three transfers. 18 weeks of fun and serving in the Lord's vineyard. The Armadale area is white and ready to harvest but, we have to be willing to put in the work. If you haven’t figured out by now I’m just stalling to make you mad or build suspense. lol Well, I guess I will start with Sunday so no one tries to kill me via email.

Sunday is transfers day and of course all missionaries are nervous. We managed to survive through church and then headed home for our studies. We got through Personal Study and no call. Companionship call. then English Elder Antonio picks up the phone and asks if it’s real. (we have a fake call thing on our phone so we play pranks on each other sometimes) I don't say anything and he hits the answer button. “Hello Elders, Its President Fife" We both look at each other with wide eyes and hearts pounding. We manage to speak and he says, “I've called to let you know about transfers…Elder Antonio, you're being transferred. You will be the new district leader in Mandurah." What the heck! I’m getting a new comp that's been out a bit longer than I have. My new Companion is going to be Elder Mauigua (his name is a combination of the island in Hawaii, Maui and then the samoan name for Noah, the prophet, Gua) Apparently he’s a real funny guy so it should be fun. Also, the District leader isn't going to be me or elder Mauigua but Elder Cluff! President likes to be random and unpredictable so he decided to change the District leader area to Kelmscott… oh well. Now for today and tomorrow we are going to start saying goodbye to all the members or at least Elder Antonio is, so that will fill a lot of our time.

Due to time I will just talk about some of our investigators. Maljong and Sara are brother and sister and are living with their uncle. They are from Africa and about 17 and 18 yrs old. We have had a couple lessons but no real progression. Hopefully they will progress this week.

Eyobe is a friend of the Rongos (a cook island family in our ward) and is actually pretty interested. The Restoration lesson we shared was super powerful and he was asking about Adam and Eve and the importance of the apple. So we said that's a whole other lesson. Now we have a Family Home Evening tonight with the Rongos.

Linton and Paul are still doing alright. They are usually acting like the TV show The Odd Couple. Now Paul wants to stay so we will see what happens.

Also sorry for no pictures the computers are running really slow today so no pictures. I love you all and feel your prayers. Pray for personal missionary experiences and they will come!
Elder Otero


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