September 29, 2016


Armadale, WA, Australia


Elder Antonio

Week 8 - Sorry, Don't be mad

Family & Friends,

Sorry I didn’t tell you ahead of time that I wouldn’t get to write until today. Soooo just a bit of clarification, If I don’t respond or write on Monday, that means that I am going to the temple on Thursday. We came straight from the temple so I don’t have my journal...I'll try my that I think about it I might just talk about each of our investigators/people we are working with.

Gima is going great! In one of the lessons we were reading out of the Joseph Smith pamphlet which is just his story in his own words. Pretty powerful stuff. While we were reading and talking about it she made the comment that she believes the Book of Mormon to be true and Joseph Smith to be a prophet...We were a bit shocked to be honest. The only problem is that she has a calling in her church so it’s a bit difficult to get her to attend ours, although she wants to go so that's awesome. We also had a hangi (islander feast) with the Epenisa's and Gima and John (Gima's husband) so that was really good. We just ate and ate and ate. I did try a Papua New Guinean bitter nut. Basically you take the nut and chew it, add a bit of mustard plant and lime powder. Everything by itself is really bitter but together it's actually pretty good.

Katrina is going well but apparently she isn't all that good at reading so the Book of Mormon is a very difficult task for her. For some reason we started talking about children's scriptures and I mentioned the children's Book of Mormon. She said that it would be cool to get one so she can know what in inside the book without all the struggle so we got her one.

We tracted into a guy named Zac awhile back and we stopped by and he suggested we come by to chat later on in the week(today to be exact so we are going to have to cut out some of our p day, oh well, go the extra mile :)

Biana, we had to turn her over to the sisters. A new rule from President Fife is that we have to give YSA(Young Single Adults) over to the respective genders soooo bye bye Biana.

Linton is going fantastic actually! He really wants to take out his endowments so he is actually doing everything on his own accord. We are just his support at this point. He sometimes has cousins and family over and he talks to them about his conversion and basically teaches them! Ahhhh so good. It's really cool!

Tracy and Kevin are going slow. They don't accept the Book of Mormon so we started just talking about prophets and their 'fruit'. They are a really lovely family and would be good members. We are helping them with their weeds in their front yard. I think their yard is half weeds...

Louie is going well, we just talked about the Book of Mormon and how it is really the only way to know if the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS is the true church.

Colleen is going well, she was busy with grandkids so no time for the Book of Mormon. I hope as we keep meeting with her that we will find out her concerns.

The Forrester’s (The Phillipino lady, Dolly and the English husband, Gary and their two kids) are going well and wish that we actually met with them this week, Dolly mentioned that she would be interested in attending a Mormon church because she never has before. I just hope that being there can spark an interest.

Overall that’s basically it. We had exchanges with the Zone Leaders and we found a guy that's Keen as!! Just wish I actually had their area. It was raining so we got completely drenched from riding our bikes (yes we got new bikes, well new to us) Crazy stuff. I will try to get stuff back home but we are soooo busy it's honestly really hard. I will do my best. Last but not least Happy Birthday and I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!

PS If you guys could send a USB with favourite conference talks and calm music, anything from classical to church music please. President has outlawed anything that you can't pray with in the background...which is a lot of stuff. Conference is going to be a bit weird because we will see it a week after you guys do.

Elder Otero


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