September 19, 2016


Armadale, WA, Australia


Elder Antonio

Week 7

Family and Friends,

So Elder Noble is the new elder who replaced Elder Taylor and he is from the Philippines and he’s been out about 8-9 months. Both the Kelmscott Elders are doing well. They are really smashing the work!

Too… Tuesday was good we tracted into a couple of good people. Karina believes in God but doesn’t practice any sort of religion. She likes to keep an open mind so we gave her a “Plan of Salvation” pamphlet. We also met a guy named Dave, but he was just walking out the door. We gave him a card and we are planning to go back later in the week. We got to see Sis. McLeod (an older inactive lady) and talked to her for awhile. We saw the Forresters so of course we got fed. We continued talking about prophets and will get into the actual Restoration of the Gospel part soon.

Wednesday we saw Louie again and he made sushi again. It was pretty tasty! We taught him about the importance of prophets and he seems to get it pretty well. We went to see Zac and help him out with his lawn because his lawnmower broke. So we just used a Whippersnipper (weed eater) to cut his knee high grass. We raked it up into piles and about half way through a lady offered her lawnmower and we gladly accepted. And again we taught Zac about prophets and I think we are just going to take it slow with him. We had dinner with the White’s (The husband is the patriarch of the stake). We had lamb for dinner which was quite delicious.

Thursday we followed up on Dave and Karina. Karina wasn’t home and neither was Dave but Dave’s mate, Matt, answered the door. Apparently Matt is the one that actually owns the house. He has lots of feelings of guilt plus he really loves his family and doesn’t really know his purpose and he know that God is there. He doesn’t practice any sort of religion but, he does believe. We gave him a “Plan of Salvation" pamphlet and hopefully he reads it and wants to know more. We visited the Chapmans and we had a good talk about the Tree of Life. We met a 7th day Adventist preacher and boy, they have some interesting beliefs. Like that we don't have a spirit. That was something that I disagree with emphatically.

Friday I woke up really well and was excited for a new day. That is until we walked into our garage. The garage door was open, the hood of the car was open, the doors were open and lastly...our bikes were gone...ugggggggh. Our bikes were stolen…I couldn't believe it!. I stood staring at the spot where our bikes were for a solid 5 mins. I still don't know how they got in but we called Elder Shepard and we are going to get some other bikes. Not sure when but, hopefully soon. We did some weed pulling for Sis. McLeod in her massive garden full of native plants which is actually pretty cool. The Siti's are doing well and we talked about prophets some more. The last Exciting thing that happened today was that we got to eat cereal with Oreos in it :-) "When faced with a problem, always assume that in some way you created it. Take that responsibility. Get over your pride. Make the fault all about you (even if it wasn't your fault), and see what solutions appear"- Joseph L. Bishop So now we are locking everything that can be locked.

Saturday we saw Louie again and we talked about God’s love for us and watched a Mormon message about a guy who didn’t believe in God but came to know for a fact that He lives and loves us. Sadly he didn’t get it because it was talking too fast for him to understand in English. It did help increase my testimony. We helped out Tracy by pulling weeds for her in her front yard and that lasted for about two hours. We popped by Colleen’s house and she is reading the Book of Mormon but she says that she should reread the part she already read. We encouraged her to do so and then saw Biana. She’s doing well and she has said some prayers but she was doubtful that she was going to go to church because her friend was planning the day for Sunday. We headed back to Tracy's for dinner and had a really good dinner. It was basically Chicken with noodles and Prawn (shrimp) with veggies. She and her partner taught us how to cook it and its just a lot of preparation. We saw Linton but right in the middle of our visit we got a call from Kemlscott needing us to pick them up. They were going to give some clothes to a less active family so they won’t have an excuse not to come to church. haha pretty good actually.

Sunday was good but neither the Siti's or Linton showed up... I'm really worried about the Siti's, hopefully we can help in some way. Arif did show up and everything went well. We got some sweets after church and we ate that as good...We took a short nap ( and woke up with a headache) then headed out tracting in a new neighbourhood. We taught a lady named Leanne and she's a 'Happy Clapper Christian' she says herself. We taught the restoration and she has really strong faith. One of the strongest faith I have seen. She believes in inspiration and revelation which is awesome because there are not too many that do. We also talked to a lady named Ann Marie and she is actually a Catholic convert. She just got divorced and relies on God a ton. We asked her what she did to cope and the first answer was prayer, then family support. Pretty rare here in Australia actually. We talked to her for a while then we left her with a Family: A Proclamation to the World pamphlet and headed home to try to beat the rain. For dinner we had kangaroo burgers and they were actually pretty tasty. I really liked it. I hope everyone is doing well and I pray for you all daily and appreciate all your prayers. Continue to pray for missionary moments.

-Elder Otero


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