August 8, 2016


Armadale, WA, Australia


Elder Antonio

Week One in Australia

Family and Friends,

So to start off I forgot my journal at the flat(apartment), so it may not be as detailed as I wish it was. So Elder Antonio is from the Philippians and is learning English. He has been out for a year now and already speaks English pretty well. Australia is really nice and I love it here. The accent isn't too bad and I find myself saying their slang and saying different words like they do. My sleep has been good and probably the best sleep I will ever have in my life, cuz I know Im not getting any sleep when I start college. The weather is really nice but it gets kinda cold at night. The food is really good and there is sooo much diversity here its awesome. There are a few main people we have been teaching and visiting. The first is a lessactive named Linton and he is such a funny guy! He does painting with needles and its so cool. he does all the missionaries scriptures so ill see if he will do mine. Hes a nice guy but just need some motivation for coming back to church. Hes a single parent and has three small kids and a cousin that's living with him. Hes aboriginal too. not that it maters but thought its a cool aspect of him. Im stationed in the city of Armadale outside of Perth. It reminds me of home actually. Its nice quiet and apparently people say its the "hood" of our mission. I don't see it and neither does Elder Antonio but all well. They should see what the bad part of Jacksonville and compare that to the "hood". When we got back to the flat when I arrived we started tracting immediately. We met some nice people that we need to check up on and see how they are doing. Only one slammed the door in our face so far so I guess that's ok. The next person we have been visiting is a guy that Elder Antonio found while tracting a few weeks back. His name is Kerry and is having some marriage issues. He recently joined the Catholic church. Its an improvement to him being unreligious completely. He isn't quite accepting of the gospel as I would have hoped but he did agree to read the book of Mormon which is a very good start. Cris is another inactive that we are visiting. He is a larger aussie and is single. Hes a bit older so I reckon that he will probably stay that way. We bike just about everywhere and apparently bike theft is very common in Australia so that's why I decided probably not the best to get a new bike so I payed about 300 for a used one that works just fine. The weirdest thing is probably the roads and the fact that they drive on the left hand side of the road. Im starting to get used to it but its only been not even a week. It will come in time. Im not sure how easily the pictures will send but ill try. Ive been staying busy and doing the Lord's work. Sunday was absolutely great. The ward is kind of small but alls well. I really like the members and have met even a few Americans there. I wish I had more time to email but sadly I don't. I miss everyone but in the face of Eternity, Two years isn't that long. On sunday we fasted with the High Priests Group leader, Brother Epenisa, He and his wife are from Tonga. They are such an awesome family. One of the mission rules is that we can't eat a members houses unless there is an investigator, less active present or a partmember family. kinda makes meals more difficult but its all good. They sent us home with more food than we were able to eat in a sitting. So multiple meals!

ps if I missed any questions, im sorry. just ask them again and I will try to get them answered next time.​

Elder Otero


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