May 10, 2018


Rockingham, WA, Australia


Elder Logan Cox

A blur of a week.

Family and Friends,

I honestly can't remember what all has happened this week so far or last week at all. All I really remember is a cool experience we had while we were out tracting. We knocked on this one guys door and as soon as he answers the door he apologizes and says that he is an online teacher and is busy. We told him that it was alright and as we were headed off he asked if we were going to leave anything with him. So Elder Cox just whips out the Book of Mormon and we did a couple second rundown of the history and quick overview of it. He thanked us and then told us that he was excited to read it because he has read the Bible a little bit but hasn't heard of this. We are planning on going back really soon to see if he has read any of it and if so what he thinks about it. Despite not having huge success and having a large area that we have been intrusted with I am actually happy. On the outside looking in, it seems like it's all in vain, but on the inside, I'm looking out with enthusiasm. It really doesn't matter what happens at this point. Nothing will get me down. Yeah I might be sad when we or our message is rejected. As servants of the Lord we will feel sorrow when others choose not to come unto Christ. That being said, that doesn't mean I can't be happy. Doing what I do, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm not going to waste it. I love where I am, I love the people of Western Australia, and I love being a missionary.  Thank you all for all the prayers and support! The Lord knows I need them!
The attached picture is of me and Elder Cox as we stopped by to check on the Hadwin's and they had already finished eating but Sis. Hadwin wants us to feel like we are at home or at Grandma's house and tells us to go find something in the freezer to eat.  We managed to find something.  We love the Hadwin's, she always wants to make sure we have been eating and aren't hungry. :) --
                Elder Christopher Otero


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