March 6, 2018


Rockingham, WA, Australia


Elder Kirtland Higgins

The Expansion!

Family and Friends,

Well, this week has been a pretty normal week for us with the sickness. Been trying to get out so we have had some mini exchanges and one full exchange. I was with Elder Cheek for the Mini Exchange and we had an appointment to meet with some less actives, the Calder Family. It was a good visit. We were just able to get to know them a little and then we shared a message on the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how we can use His strength to endure. Our other exchange was for the whole day and I was with Elder Cox. We get along heaps and we actually stayed up talking till about 1:30a which was a mistake to say the least 😂 But the next day was fine, even if we were a bit tired. ah well. The biggest thing that happened this week was Stake Conference! There have been rumors going around that the ward boundaries were going to be getting changed. So, we got a ride down to Bunbury which is where the stake conference was held and the drive was an hour and a half! Ugh but it was cool to see everyone. It's weird because the whole stake is actually two different Zones. Rockingham and Bunbury. So we had to meet in a theatre hall to fit everyone! It was crazy. So during the stake business they had the Rockingham Ward and the Baldivis Ward stand up and they announced what the changes were. We all sustained the change then sat down. They provided a map of the new boundaries and we almost tripled in size! Not only that but we have gotten almost 80 active people added to our usual 100 which is great. Baldivis ward is massive and this change needed to happen. We will see how it goes this Sunday!One more thing happened, we needed to have another exchange for the evening but Elder Cheek and I went to a service project for a young family that needed their weeding done. It took a bit longer than we anticipated but it was fine.  We had a good time and did some good.
Other than that there wasn't much more this week that happened so we will keep going and pressing on. Please pray for Elder Higgins. We need to find out what's going on with him and thank you for all the prayers that have already been offered for him.
                Elder Christopher Otero


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