February 27, 2018


Rockingham, WA, Australia


Elder Kirtland Higgins

Rain, Appointments and Interviews

Family and Friends,

This week has been a crazy one and I honestly can't remember all of it. I'll share just a couple highlights with you.  A cool part of the week is that we did have the opportunity to have dinner and a small lesson with Nicole. Nicole is the investigator who recently moved into the flat next to us. It was nice to catch up and to have a decent conversation/lesson with her. We also had dinner with Bishop White and his family and Aussie and Rangi. Both were good dinners as well. Bishop and I were talking and he said something that was pretty interesting. Just a note on Bishop he is super in tune with the spirit but sometimes he says more than he should.   He talked to me about some qualities he saw in me.  He was talking about leadership skills and said that I have some qualities that most people have to learn as they serve in leadership positions to develop them and even then some still don't. He also told me not to get a big head about it so yeah. He did answer a question that I have had for a while. That being wondering Why I haven't been in leadership, not that it really matters, but its a question that's been on the back of my mind.  Sunday there was a short storm that started flooding the house, broke lots of trees and even had hail. It was an intense storm, but it was all over within half an hour. So just as an update on Elder Higgins, he's still not feeling very well.   I know that right now the most important thing I can do to help his I need to do what I can to keep him on the mission.  That's really all President talked with me about during interviews so he wants me to do all I can to help him and to focus on getting him better.That's about all this week thank you so much for all the support and keep elder Higgins in your prayers he will need as many as he can get.

                Elder Christopher Otero


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