September 26, 2017


Butler, WA, Australia


Elder Tu Luke Yoko Tilivarua

Service and the Rain. Luckily not at the same time.

Family and Friends, 

This has been a good week and a busy one at that. So just a few stories for laughs.

So to start off the weather been kind of bipolar here lately. It started to warm up but at random times a storm will just come in and rain for a day or two. However there was one day that we went out and it was only a mist and we hoped it would clear up. We went out and after we got to Simone and Hamilton's house it started to pour. We set up an appointment and then went out to brave the weather. The longer we were outside the more the rain came down. We continued biking and I don't know what got into us but we were just laughing our heads off! We were just being dumb but still it was fun. We got back to our flat for lunch and we were just wet. I was lucky that my parents sent me a rain suit but i was still wet. My comps pants were just drenched but his coat was water proof so that's good.

The second story is kind of two stories. So it starts off with another wet day. This wet day is a Monday but its also a public holiday so we get to work...We were planning on doing service all day as something else to do to distract us from not being on our Preparation Day. But because it was wet we had to go out on our bikes. We followed up on a few people and met a cool guy named Aaron. We seeked shelter from him and talked to him for a little bit then it cleared up. After it cleared up we went out to do service. The service was nice and it was a good temperature and we made two nasty yards look really nice which is always a good feeling. One of the owners couldn't care less but the second house was really appreciative.  After the service we were all hungry as! We got back to our flat and we showered up and made some burgers. After we were all satisfied we sat down and decided to play a game of cards before the other elders had to go. Man, I haven't laughed that hard for a long time. Elder Chapman and Elder Cluff were going ham with the trash talk! It was just constant trash talk and good comebacks too! Both Elder Tilivarua and I were just dying listening to them.

This week past week was good because we had some good visits and I'm just hoping that all the appointments we have set go through. Thank you for all the prayers and I hope all is going well down in the Houston area. You have my prayers. Keep praying for Miracles and I'll also keep praying for the people in the  Houston area! I love you all!!
                Elder Christopher Otero 


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