July 8, 2019


Laguna Redonda, Concepcion, Chile


Elder Joshua Marchant

Lost the Copa America but won the Cheeseburgers

It bugs me that they don't celebrate the fourth of July here. SO I decided to celebrate it. There also wasn't much to celebrate because Chile lost in the COpa AMerica to Peru. But who cares? I ate Cheeseburgers. SO I was happy the day after.

So this week ends the transfer. My companion got transfered to Bluffdale, Utah (where the Prison is) and I'm going to be here with Elder Andersen, also from Utah, not sure where. It's going to be awesome because he was in my zone when I was a ZL in Cordillera. There's lots of new ZL´s this transfer so I'm really excited.

This week has been warming up. It's actually not that cold but the wind chill makes it seem really really cold sometimes. I bought some winter gear like a scarf and a beanie but I'm here living it up.

So this week we met with the President and we had a get to know you conference. He worked for Exxon mobil and has family in the Lehi Stake (actually Stake President) DId you guys know Clark and Lynette Richter? Welp they're family to our new President. Also Sister Richter was born in Flagstaff and they have a son that's a buyer for Walmart (lives in Bentonville). Also President lived in the Middle East for a couple years doing stuff for the oil company. There's lots more details and stuff as I get to know him a lot better.

This week we saw lots of miracles. On Saturday we were finishing up the day and we went to some appointments with a member. The appointments fell through but the last one we went to was a family. We went there and I thought that we would just start teaching but my companion invited everyone to listen to the message AND EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE CAME AND LISTENED TO THE RESTAURATION AND THEN CAME TO CHURCH THE NEXT DAY. It was a huge miracle indeed.

This transfer we have lots of people that could be baptized. We just have to work to find a way to help them progress I know that the Savior has been helping us out with all of the miracles that we've seen in the zone this transfer. I'm excited for the zone to see what happens this coming transfer.

I hope that all is well. Love you guys. Chao


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