June 3, 2019


Laguna Redonda, Concepcion, Chile


Elder Joshua Marchant

We need leaders and lots of them!

Well in our mission we had one of the largest groups leave and in 5 more weeks the next biggest group is leaving. Problem is they're all leaders in the mission and so we're going to have a mission wide power vacuum. As they say in Chile to do whatever you want

Onto to the rundown. This week was super awesome. We had a tornado warning in all of the mission. Luckily we were in a meeting so I have absolutely no idea how it was to work in a tornado. But ñluckily all of the elderes in our zone went to their house so that they were safe. It rained almost the whole week but I've had so much energy to be in the city that the rain wasn't even stopping us.

We live in a deparment on the 4th floor. It kind of sucked getting all of my suitcases up their because one of the wheels melted (it was hilarious when it happened). But we need to be considerate of our neighbors so I'm not doing Insanity right now because it's a bunch of jumping and kicking. SO that's not happening. But I'm not freezing so that's pretty good.

It's really awesome the ward where we're serving. A lot smaller but we work in a lot more departments and buildings so we're that's one of the ways we're working. We're also working a lot with members. It's one of the principal ways considering that literally everyone has talked with missionaries. So that's what we're doing.

They also asked me to go to the New LEader Training, so I went on Thursday abnd ran into my friend Elder Olson.What a great moment.

We're teaching a family of 3. They don't quite have a baptismal date but we're working on them there. Also with some fopreigners. So I'm pretty happy.

Well I hope that all goes well. Love you.


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