March 19, 2019


Dieciocho de Septiembre Ward Chillàn-Ñuble Stake


Elder Azure Grahame

Work dogs / maybe my comp has shin splits

So we've been hard at work this week. This week was excellent in terms of working. We worked SO dang hard. I'm not kidding that everyday I came so tired and just wanted to go to bed. We walk a ton but we're trying to solve that problem. My comp might have shin splints from all the walking but I sure hope not.

This week we've been working very hard to try to find new people to teach. Like I'm pretty sure that's what always happened but I love it. We did more "exploring". We have our area divided into a bunch of smaller areas and we decided to work in all the sub areas this week to see all of potential. One day we worked in an area with houses ginormous and the other day we worked in rural area and other times we worked in the other more humble parts. I've loved every minute.

We've also been working a lot with Manuel. His brother is in the hospital and he just started classes and it's a bit hard to find him. But now he's on schedule to get baptized and it's going to be so awesome. He really has the desires but the traditions of his parents (like WoW) have been impeding him. But he's great on schedule now.

So today we went to the temple and we were there for all the new changes. IT's so awesome, and that's all I have to say. But soemthing I do want to share is how I felt. I walked into the Celestial room and I just took it all in. I realized how happy I was to be there. Like it was indescribable. I loved every minute and I thought that there aren't very many places I could feel happy. I then thought about the future family that I'm going to have and I realized that that's where the greatest happiness acomes. In teaching the gospel to those who we love. Those who we live with. Those who we raise and they help to teach us. It was honestly a happiness that I want to be experiencing everyday of my mission.

And I've gotta be helping everyone else feel that way. I realized during the week (like a random thought) that we the Lord's servants are like superheroes, the only difference is that like Christ we save others one by one so that they can feel the love of the savior. We are the coolest superheroes.

So like I'll ask President if I can do some of the college stuff next week. He'sw in the temple right now and I'd need his permission (I'm not about to be disoedient) (Right now BYU is the option I'm going with). Love you lots

Ps Jeffery got a car?


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