December 31, 2018


San Vicente - Talcuhuano


Elder Federico Barboza

New Years

So the year has come and gone and now it's time for some serious reflection. During this year I have more than anything come closer to Christ. Well I've definitely had a crazy year compared to the last year. For example I moved 3 times and close to move another time. In my job I got "promoted" amd I've ,et people frpm all around the world. Some from Europe some from Haiti and some from different countries in South America. I've explored a little bit, eaten foreign food and done a lot of things to help my friends the Chileans.

En este año yo he venido a conocer Cristo aun mas que cualquier otra experiencia graciuas a las experiencias que hemos tenido con ellos. Yo he ayudado muchas a conocer la fuente de felicidad verdadera. Pero no fui yo sino Cristo. Yo he aprendido a tener mas confianza en el Salvador del mundo, el Principe de paz, el Buen Pastor. Por medio de ayudar a los demas me ha acercado mas a Dios y Jesucristo. Al poner mi vida y mi tiempo por otras yo he visto los afectos del amor puro de Cristo en los vidas de otras.

Yo puedo decir todos mis logros pero son nada en comparación de lo que Cristo hizo para nosotros. Y este es lo que quiero compartir con todos. En todo los momentos al ser siervo.

Tambien tuvimos un minicambio ayer con los asistentes y siempre es un placer a tener un intercambio con ellos.

I fixed my brown shoes but I had heel cushion things in my doc martins and they broke and caused huge blisters and now it pretty much sucks to walk anywhere don't worry I'm going to be getting moleskin and the stuff like that. I'm going to have toa sk permision to go to the mall one of these weeks. Not sure when but I'm going to be finding shoes then. If you want to send me shoes that would be cool (also insoles, I burn through those too).

We went to the beach today so I took some pictures. Here starts the new one. Chao les amo.


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