December 10, 2018


San Vicente - Talcuhuano


Elder Federico Barboza

The Lazy Letter

only have 6 minutes to write but transfers came and I'm staying with the same companion and the same district. Only 1 of the sisters left but that's about it. We start this transfer dry (no one with a baptismal date) but we'll be working very hard because we need to. I still have so much to work on but I'll be working and managing my time better. We'll be going to the temple next week and I'm so excited.
This week we saw many miracles. On Wednesday we went to the sector of the elders to do interviews and get permission from some girls who were missing the permission of their parents. The situation is like this: The two parents together with their daughter were sealed in the temple. Then the brother fell into a very strong depression when his fault was over. He turned to the other stick he had before he was a member and when he went to this post he stopped attending the church and consequently he stopped feeling the spirit in his life. I did not want to sign because he did not want the last word. We went and the father was not there. We returned in the afternoon and he was and we talked a lot about the spirit he felt during his time as an active member. We both were very guided by the spirit in which to say and what scriptures to share. In time we explain about the earthly laws that tells us we have to sign papers. Then we explain that with the signature that you can give your daughter the opportunity to repent and reach the celestial kingdom. During this appointment we feel the spirit so strong. He said "I'm going to talk with my wife and tomorrow we'll see". We took the sword with him but he continued with this response. We stayed with that for the day, but we knew that we were close.

We returned the next day and talked to his wife to see if he spoke but he did not. We ask if he is ready to sign and said that his wife was going to sign. We said that you both have to sign. She signed to the shot. He made some jokes about his signature being false but finally signed himself. They were a real miracle because many missionaries went and returned without permission. We know that now is your time to be baptized.

Well that's all for this week. Took some sick pictures of a sculpture. I'll let you know what happens in this marvelous work the week. (And about the skyping situation because we wont have pday on the 24)


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