August 14, 2018


San Vicente - Talcuhuano


Elder Ethan Ashton

1.000.000 Invitations

So here's the scoop about my new area. It's super tiny. In about one hour we can walk around the entire area. Imagine the ward boundaries but the boundaries are limits to where you can knock doors and yeah... it's small but with so much potential. Also right next to the ocean, less cold in Quirihue and a lot more clouds. I think the mission has helped me develop an unnatural fear of clouds because clouds equals rain and rain equals nobody wants to talk to us. Actually nobody wants to talk to us with bright sun.Everybody knows the missionaries and it's so weird because it seems like everybody is too busy for their salvation.

Elder Ashton, my new companion is freaking destroying the mission. He's about 7 times further than me when I had six weeks in the mission. We're not as talkative but we're super focussed on what we need to do right now in San Vicente. There are lots of people who've gone to church for lots of years but haven't been baptized. So there's some work there. Also lots of returning members whose kids have had the blessings of the Gospel.

So our mission president is awesome. He has extended the goal that before the temple open house finishes we are to pass out 1.000.000 Invitaciones. That's freaking crazy but we're going to but our best foot forward to do our part. We invite everyone and we invite everyone to invite their friends because it's literally such a great experience that the people of Chile may not live another day in their life. So that's our mission inside of our mission.

Our ward is a small ward and it reminds me a lot of Mesa because half the ward is one family (exaggeration but still really close). I'm super excited to work.

Love you. Wish me luck this week. We could potentially have 7 people with a bautismal date so that's dope.


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