July 30, 2018




Elder Fernando Mamani

The Force is Strong with this One

First off zone conference was amazing. President talked about how we need to have hope and that hope will destroy the forces of Satan like sadness, and lack of motivation. I found these words very inspired because a lot of the missionaries in our mission are a little bit new.

We are working with Nana, the mother of Caesar, a recent convert. She had had contact with the missionaries for almost a year but not much happened until Caesar started going to church. He was a street drunk and very famous. When he was baptized, Nana thanked the missionaries and God for the change in his son. She wants her family to be more united and she also wants to get her son, Pedro, out of alcohol. With Elder Barney we tried to compromise her to the church, but she did not want to. With Elder Spirit we began to see changes in her and although she did not go to church with Elder Espiritu and I, she began to doubt her beliefs and began to see a little light in her life. Now with Elder Mamani she has attended the church many times but remains with this fear. I had tried interviews to get the doubts but it was. We invite her to pray and read with her son Caesar and we go to the interview system.

On Sunday she attended the church, but this time it was special. Elder Aros taught gospel principles and saw that Nana was crying. He told us and we concluded that we need to date with it. Then after the sacrament meeting we went to the kitchen and talked about his experience going to church with his son. She said she felt good and likes the teachings. There I asked if she had seen a change in her home and she said yes. So I asked if she thinks she can receive more blessings, like this, and how. She answered through baptism. There we put date by August 4. I do not remember much of the words I used but the Holy Spirit was guiding me. It was incredible.

The other most incredible thing about Nana is that during the interview she did not talk about the Catholic church (that's where much of her fear came). He spoke about the change and peace that the Book of Mormon brought into his life. She is now willing to follow the example of Jesus Christ and not only that, but Caesar, her son who was a famous drunk, is going to BAPTIZE her !!! We are so encouraged by this weekend. I know that sometimes we go through fears, doubts and challenges, but through Christ and his Atonement we can overcome these challenges.


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