June 11, 2018




Elder Pedro Espiritu

I Ate Something Super Delicious

For my birthday it rained a lot during church and we had a total of 11 people go to church, including the 4 missionaries, the branch president and his daughter. That was a little far off from my goal.

On Saturday we ate ass. I think I should explain what ass is. It's a completo but instead of a hot dog type meat its a shredded meat. It's actually really good. On Sunday we just worked like any other normal day. Not much to tell but we're seriously working and will be.

We had a movie night on Friday we watched 17 miracles (in Spanish) and it still makes me tear up because those people that suffered are my great great great grandparents. Without them I wouldn't be here sharing the gospel right.

Thanks for eating corndogs in my honor because I don't eat corndogs. Fun fact they do have frozen corn dogs here in Chile but you can bet that I'm not eating one.

No pics this week. I'll have more this next week with all my firends from the other zones because we zone conference. I also need to buy some more winter stuff (mandato de Pres.) so in the next weeks I'll be shopping.

Thanks for the love and support land birthday wishes. 19 is absolutely not special whatsoever except the fact that all this year I'm going to be preaching and teaching, so actually 19 is the best year.

Happy Birthday MOM!!!!


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