October 26, 2017


Mexico City MTC


Elder Dallin Castillo

I've Been Punked

Remember that one email where I said I was leaving a week early. Things aren't looking like too good and I'm going to be here for the full six weeks. 'stá bien.

Being a zone leader is so much fun and we get to meet and talk with the other districts. Our good friends in 12B left and now we have a new 12B with 4 Hermanas, which doubled our Hermana count for this week. I miss the guys in the old 12B but they're out serving the Lord.

Also I'm no longer Elder Sandals. I'm wearing real people shoes now. I'm actually glad my toe got better here because things could be a little sketchy in Chile (I don't trust Chile medicine as much as I do American/Mexican). Plus I actually like my regular shoes, except the ones that gave me the ingrown toenail.

I think I have grown the most spiritually this past week. It might be the calling or it might that I'm really trying to train to be the best missionary, not just during the mission but after the mission. But our district is really kicking it into overdrive in ways of speaking Spanish and studying hard. It's pretty great and its going to push me into to become a better missionary.

Not much else happened in CCM, no earthquakes. It was a little CHILE yesterday.
If I don't email you now I'll email you later. My companion ELder CAstillo wants to come back and email in the evening so we can get responses and whatnot.

Hola. I'm doing a lot better this week. I can wear shoes but I'm still skeptical about the Doc Martins. I'll probaly wear them around our house at night. I also am going to be in the CCM another week. It's fine and it's actually kind of nice because our whole district will then be leaving. If there's a big change like Brother Hunt becomes Bishop tell me because I called it since Day 1. That reallly stinks to hear about Aunt Alice. I really hope she does better. I also miss working at Swig but this (no offense) is a much more rewarding job than Swig.

Being a zone leader has been fun and I'm super glad to be a doing that. I get to meet with all the new districts and everyone here is super cool. There's someone going to the Houston Texas East misssion that's in the newest district to our branch. I really hope Mountain VIew makes playoffs. They seemed to be doing alright when I left. But maybe it will humble the Juniors so they can have a super good senior season.

I think Jeffery is going to have a blast at Idaho. It's basically North Mesa in terms of people who are attending. He'll have a blast. As for my Spanish I'm going to try to use all the grammar because I need this langauage after.

I love you and I'm doing very well.


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