November 2, 2017


Mexico City MTC


Elder Dallin Castillo

The Mountain of Nutella

SOOOO this is my last week here in the MTC. I have an 8 hour plane ride to Santiago and a 1 hour plane ride to Concepción. There's a three hour time zone difference from Mexico, which is 4 hours ahead of Arizona. Mexico does daylight savings so on Sunday I slept an hour extra. That was fantastic. Me and Elder Castillo are just ready to leave and get out into the field. So 5 experiences from this week.

1. I'd like to thank my mom and Annikah for sending me food, especially Nutella. But the MTC has a plethora of Nutella. So there wasn't much use for it EXCEPT I dared an Elder in my district to put a whole (small jar) of Nutella on a single piece of bread. It was huge, he completed it and it was on Monday so there were no pictures sorry.

2. We got baptismal dates for the two investigators we were practicing our teaching skills on. If you want to know how to embarass yourself forget the Baptismal question. But the investigator still got baptized. But my Spanish is coming along to the point where I can form complete thoughts now and all I need are specific words. The Gift of Tongues is real and so is the Power of God.

3. On American Halloween (Mexico celebrates a similar Halloween on November 1st) the people who live in our room went and trick-or-treated the other two Elders in our district. We all looked like Arabs, according to the other Elders.

4. Also I know how to sew thanks mom and Abbi Austin for teaching me. I actually sewed a button back on my suit.

5. I have achieved an amazing feat. I have worn a different tie everyday to the MTC and that will stand true on Monday when I leave. That's right, a different tie everyday. I have too many ties.

Well guys when you wake up on Monday I'll be in Chile. I'll let you know how that all goes.
Love ya'll the Church is true the book is blue

Wait Orion is engaged????????? Finally. I thought Jeffery would get engaged before him. Oh yeah so tell Jeffery to stay away from Cali. She tried to date me sophomore year and her and Jarom dated Senior year. I wouldn't get mixed up in that. Tell him to wait until he gets to Idaho.

I have my travel plans. I leave Mexico at around 7 and get to Chile at about 6, its an 8 hour flight. Not accounting for time zones. I then have an hour layover in Santiago and fly to Concepción. So long day, long night but I'm so excited to be there. i played volleyball on P-day and that was fun. We also started planning a district reunion in Salt Lake because we're all going to be relatively close to there, with school and everything.

I can have an opinion on our football team and I do. But you already know what my opinion is. Today we have a general authority coming to the MTC. Sister Burton of the YOung Womens general presidency. So that's really cool.

Thanks for the food. The candy corn was gone in a day. That's probably the last package I'll get. ALSO THIS IS IMPORTANT. Can you please make sure that my card works in Mexico on Monday and Chile for the next two years. I don´t really want to worry about money during my mission.

Thanks for all you do in supporting me. I'm really grateful for your trust in me and in the Lord that I will be safe a couple of thousands of miles away. There's honestly no way I can repay you.


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