February 19, 2018




Elder Mark Murdock

Mr. Capo

On that good note THIS WEEKEND WAS SO MUCH FUN. This week is transfers and I'm staying and so is Elder Murdock which is fantastic. In our zone we have 7 new trainers. SO WELCOME TO ZONA CCM!!!! I'm so excited to be staying in Coelemu for one last transfer (or more). So what made this week so great.

Thursday we had exchanges (we have exchanges every week for baptismal interviews and that kind of stuff. But ever since my second week in the field until Thursday, exchanges stressed me out so freaking much. But this week I waws like "I've been working in my sector for 3 months now and know where everyone lives and if all else fails, our zone leader is super capo (he's a fantastic missionary) then he can give me ideas. Turns out that was one of the most successful days on my mission.

Saturday we had a branch activity and we all just hung out and it was super fun to relax and talk to people. Straightway after that we went and helped in an Open Chapel and that was super fun. According to Key indicators we got nothing that day but it was so much fun.

Guys I'm not giving two years of my life for a lie. This church is not only my life but its who my family is and who I am and with that I will end my email.

Elder Trebol
(because frankly no one can pronounce my name)


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