September 30, 2019


Madison 3rd Ward


Elder Beard

Week 95,96,&97 - Saving a pickle plant job, Nerf War, and Madison AGAIN!!!

Hello everyone, sorry its been a while since I last emailed, it has been crazy busy over here in wisconsin. I have had so much fun, and done a ton of good work here. 
So, story time. About a week and a half ago, I was on exchanges in Green bay english with a Hmong elder, Elder Parker. I felt the random impression to go by and talk with David, who came to a church tour, but we hadn't seen him since. As we pulled up, his car's hood was up so it was obvious he wasn't in the best shape. His car wouldn't start, and he said that he needed to get to work in an hour and a half (He works at a local pickle plant) in order too keep his job. So we contacted a really amazing member and borrowed their cables to save david's job!! That was a cool example of how following your spiritual impressions can help answer other people's needs. 
Other than that, we had a great experience teaching a really amazing lady named Krista right before I left Green Bay. She was soooo ready for the gospel. This summer she had set a goal to find a church for her and her kids to go too, and she asked a member about why their family was so happy. The members gave her a Book of Mormon, and she is now in the Book of Mormon, like the "super sad book" as she called it haha. We went over the restoration lesson, and she agreed with everything, and she already knew most of everything we covered. I think she will eventually get baptized, she already knows that the Book of Mormon is true, and once you know that, everything else is easier!!
Right before I left Green Bay a former investigator asked for a Book of Mormon and we delivered that to her, so she could get back into following God. She said that she had been angry at the church for not allowing her to be baptized because she is living with her ex-boyfriend, and can't separate due to financial situations. But she realized that she needed to reach out to God again, and stop being mad. I'm super excited for her!!!! I felt good leaving green Bay with a lot of work for the next missionaries to do. 
So, if you haven't put it together already, I have been moved from Green Bay to Madison. I am in the Madison 3rd ward now with Elder Beard, who I knew somewhat after meeting him at Amber's baptism in Sheboygan. He is a great missionary, althoguht I miss Elder Desmond a lot, him and I got along so well I totally took it for granted! haha
While I do miss serving in Green Bay, and I did want to serve my last transfer there, It has been great to be back in Madison, and very close to the madison 4th ward where I served in a bussing area for last fall around this time!!! pretty crazy huh, back to the place that I celebrated my year mark!! One good thing about that is I already know the area pretty well, at least parts of it. And, I got to visit Tia, a lady who I tought while I was in Mad 4, who was about to get baptized but decided against it right before I left. I loved teaching Tia, and I got the chance to catch up with her this last sunday!!! She is doing great, life seems to still be looking up for her! It was so much fun to talk to her and meet her kids, who are hilarious. Hopefully I can keep in contact with them, and maybe sometime in the future she'll be ready. Sorry this was kinda vague, but I didn't want to reveal too much personal information. 
Other than that, we've been working with the ward members here, who are awesome and super supportive of the missionaries!! I'm really excited to keep working hard this last transfer of my mission!!! Oh yeah, and I am in the same district with my MTC companion Elder Record! So that's weird, we're both finishing our missions in the same place!
I hope you all have a great week!!! See you pretty soon!!Elder Paul


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