August 26, 2019


Green Bay 1st Ward


Elder Desmond

Week 91 & 92 - Sending Elder Smith home, D&D, sweet finding plans, and more!!

Hello everyone!!! These last two weeks have been great!!! This last wednesday the AP's came to pick up Elder Smith and take him to milwaukee. When you get this email, he is already in college!! Earlier in the week he packed and got ready to go. He was pretty nervous for what his life was going to be like back home, although he has been to college already so the transition shouldn't be too overwhelming. His transition home has made me think a lot more about my transition home which will be happening sooner than I would like to admit!! It's crazy that I only have 2 transfers left... I go home November 7th. I'm excited to do all the fun things that come with going home, but I know that there will be plenty of things that I will have to do that won't be the most fun, in fact they might not be fun at all!! I am trying to end my mission the right way, and after reading the talk by president Monson called "Finishers wanted" which the mission office sends to every missionary with two transfers left, I really want to finish strong. 

So far my time with Elder Desmond has been a blast, we met back when i was serving in Sheboygan, and he was serving in Fond Du Lac. I remember thinking that he was really cool and that I'd love to serve with him, and here we are!! He is a great guy. He loves star wars, and there isn't much that is nerdy that he doesn't love!! He is a very social person, so we get along great and try to talk to everyone we can. I have loved emphasizing that part of missionary work. I feel like that has been my goal for the mission, because I really dislike passing up opportunities to talk to people, but I feel like it has been a long process for the Lord to help me get over my fear of that. 
Besides that, Elder Desmond and I have been looking for new ways to find, and we've decided to try using the sports night that missionaries in the past have used to help the ward invite friends to church activities. This friday we made some flyers that we're going to put up on the UW-GB Campus, and next sunday we're going to help move in the new students coming in to campus, and hopefully get to know some new people to teach. Also with the sports night we talked to the youth groups during church on Sunday and advertised it to them. The ward has been emphasizing missionary work this last month and I feel like that has made a huge impact in how much everyone is thinking about it. I feel that once you overcome the initial aversion to talking about missionary work, the ward starts to feel more comfortable with the idea and begins to act on their ideas. In zone conference this last tuesday, they mentioned a great idea for having members invite their friends to church. When a member is giving a talk in the next few weeks, we can go to them and ask them to invite a few friends, saying something like "hey I'm giving a sermon in my church this Sunday, wanna come check it out?" At the very least, even if their friends say no, that will probably lead to a discussion about how members of our church speak, and aren't payed to do so. I thought that was a really cool idea and intend to try it back home!! 
Other than working on getting new finding ideas ready, elder desmond and I have been working on inspired finding!! Our ward mission leader, suggested another cool idea for inspired finding, which is to pray and independently choose 5 streets that stick out to us on the area book map. Wichever one is included on both, we go and knock. We tried that this last week, and it worked great. We both had Fern Lane on our lists, and it was the last one on both of them. Which means we were looking at it at the same time. We went and knocked the street and talked to a bunch of people!! One of the people, a lady named Ana, let us in and we taught her the Restoration!! She is super nice, and interested in our message. You can really tell she has a strong belief in God, and wants to learn more about the Book of Mormon. I could easily see her gaining a testimony of it. I am so grateful that God answers our prayers!!! He has definitely lead and guided me to people who are looking for more of his words, that's something I've seen over and over again. The only difficulty is taking the time to ask him! 
Also this week we made a lightsaber wall, cleaned the apartment (It was a little overdue), and we asked a member if we could take home a lego temple and build it and they said yes!!!!! So we built a lego replica of the Provo City Center temple!! That was a fun time, brought back many nostalgic memories! 
All right that's all the time I have to type this week!! But I hope you all have a great week and stay safe out there!!!Elder Paul


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