August 12, 2019


Green Bay 1st Ward


Elder Smith

Week 90 - Bat rescue, mowing lawns, and Elder Hancock again!!

Hello again everyone!!! This week has literally been insane!!!! We have had some crazy experiences, along with some really cool ones as well!!
So to start it off I'll tell you all the bat story first. Yesterday we were helping this lady move from marshfield to Green Bay. She had a bunch of boxes that needed to be taken upstairs, a long with a SUUUPER heavy hospital bed that was sooo hard to carry up the stairs ugh. But anyways, in one of the rooms upstairs there was a bat in the window, between the screen and the window. The lady moving in new about it, and later as we moved the boxes she went upstairs and cleaned out the bat guano out of the windowsill. So after we had finished moving the boxes that we were gonna move that day, she asked us where our apartment was, and we said that it was on the northeast side of green Bay. She then handed us a small popcorn tin with yellow ducktape on the top!! I gave her a confused look, and she said rather factually, "it's the bat. I want you to release it by your apartment, so that way it cant come back to my window." I couldn't believe it!! She literally had caught the bat somehow and wanted us to go release it somewhere. I remembered that there were bat houses along trails back home in Kansas, so we asked a member about it, and he suggested that we could go to the wildlife sanctuary in Green Bay. While driving in, we saw a sign that said injured animal drop off, so we parked and walked in! We were planning on just asking her where we could release him, but she took the bat and put it on the counter, saying that she would have to inspect him for diseases and injuries the next day. So we just signed a report saying that we had brought the bat in on that day and then we were free to go. hahah I hope he is now flying free again, and doesn't go back to the window!!

Besides that we also were asked this week to help mow a member's lawn, who had recently gone through rotator cuff surgery. That was a blast from the past!!! I consider myself a lawn mower professional. They fed us lunch and right after that we went to the church, changed and had a lesson with Bruce and Brother Sabourin, a super supportive and missionary minded member here in the ward. We taught him about the last half of the plan of salvation, and testified of the blessings of coming to church. Brother sabourin introduced coming to church in a way that I really liked, he said that you can't know you don't like it unless you try, so everyone should come to church at least once to give it a chance, not coming to church is like a little kid declaring that he or she doesn't like a food without trying it once. And whether they like it or not, once they come we have succeeded in inviting them!! I liked that approach and will be trying that in the future. 
Speaking of coming to church, that seems to have been the theme for this week, we did weekly planning and decided to make that a focus for our lessons this week. I really hope that the people who we're teaching will come, because I know that I have found answers to my personal questions there, and I know that I feel the spirit each time I go. This month the ward is emphasizing missionary work in the lessons and in the sacrament meeting talks, and I have really been grateful for that. I have felt that in wards in the past missionary work is always an awkward subject to bring up because many of us members feel like we aren't doing enough. And that did happen with this ward too, but as we have continued to talk about it, I feel that the awkwardness has been overcome and the spirit is really strong in all of the lessons. For instance I think the lesson on missionary work in Elder's Quorum was the most spiritually powerful lesson I've been at in church for a long time!! Listening to the teacher bear testimony I felt the spirit so strong. I know that God doesn't require us to be perfect at sharing the gospel, he just wants us to not give up, because if we keep trying he can make us better. 
Also this week we had a lesson with Becky, and that was pretty good. She has some pretty painful medical conditions because of her service in the military, and as such has kinda become angry at God because she doesn't know why he let this happen to her. She jokes about it, but you can tell it's something that she really wants to know. We talked about the Plan of Salvation, and while the lesson was really scattered, she asked some really good questions, and we did our best to answer them. Our plan is to promise her that she will be able to find an answer to that pressing question if she comes to church consistently. I know that, like I said last time that God has given us the trials that he has for one or more reasons, and that he will help us find the answer at some point in the future. 
Besides that we had some good finding, and we tried to re-emphasize finding by talking to everyone!! It has been working out great this transfer!! Also this week we got transfers, and I am getting Elder Desmond in a trio with elder smith. Elder Desmond is a district leader, and I am the JC again boyssss!!!!! I am suuuper excited for this transfer because I know elder desmond from my time in sheboygan and he is awesome!!!! Great times to come!!
Thanks for reading everyone!!! And I hope you have a great week!!!Elder Paul out


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