April 15, 2019


Sturgeon Bay, WI


Elder Jeppson

Week 74 - Titletown, transfers, and skype lessons.

Sturgeon Bay Round 2 has begun!!!! Or I guess round 3 depending on how you look at it. Welcome back everyone, I hope this email finds you well, and in a noticeably warmer climate than what I am dealing with currently. This last Wednesday we got some snow, not a whole heck of a lot, but enough to be annoyed at. Then again, I hear that Minneapolis Minnesota got about 10 inches, that would be really awful!! 
This last Monday we went to downtown Green Bay and visited a public park right next to the Lambeau Field. The park is called Titletown, it is pretty new and has a big park for kids to play at and a full size football field!! That was a lot of fun to play football with the other members of the zone. 
This Wednesday we had transfers, and even though it felt pretty much the same, we have a completely different zone now, so it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Speaking of which, I keep an eye on my past areas during transfers, and Sheboygan, the area I just came from has two companionships of English Elders there now!! Which I thought was kinda strange, but it's up to the Lord not me. 
Anyway, as for missionary work stuffs, we did a few unorthodox things this week! My companion Elder Jeppson is very good at doing spontaneous things, which is very helpful for spicing up the missionary work. For instance, on Tuesday we drove up to the town of Egg Harbor to check out a neighbor-hood looking cluster of roads. Elder Jeppson suggested bringing our Bikes so we could save miles and meet people who might be walking around. When we got there we discovered, to our dismay, that the grid we saw was 90% dirt roads... Which doesn't really make any sense to me whatsoever, because there were no trailer paths or campsites that we could see, so the purpose of the grid escapes me. However, we did manage to find a few nice houses right by the bay, and talked to a few people! On Wednesday we were invited to a Volunteer celebration luncheon at the YMCA, and on Friday we were invited to a Volunteer appreciation dinner at the local stone harbor restaurant/marina. We had a lot of fun at both these events getting to know more people in the community and enjoying the free food of course! Yesterday we discovered that the Volunteer coordinator for the YMCA has actually had missionaries stop by before, and it seems like our service has really opened up their hearts to us. We are going to help them sometime soon with cleaning out their house, and hopefully we have a good conversation with them about the Gospel. I'm super excited for that. 
Also on Wednesday we had a lesson with Jenna, the girl I mentioned last week who is in Minnesota, she is doing great and is reading the Book of Mormon. We read in it with her, and her ability to understand the Old English wording and apply the scriptures to her own life astounds me. I am praying that she will continue to read and gain a testimony that God is there for her and that He has a plan for her. I am so grateful that God led Elder Jeppson and I to her, if there is one thing I've gained a testimony on in the last few transfers, it is that God will lead us to people that he has intended for us to meet and share the gospel with. They may not always accept it, and sometimes we can be clumsy in inviting them to learn more, but we succeed when we invite, and the Lord will bless us for our efforts with increased testimony and faith in his promises. 
On Thursday and Saturday we had a lot more finding time than normal, which was honestly really nice. We met a few awesome families, one of which let us right in and talked to us about our missions and said we could come back! I don't know what it is about missionaries and kids, but for some reason whenever we go into someone's house their kids just go berserk!!! Is this a pattern that you could see on your mission too? Because I've noticed it my whole mission. So now we have a ton of following up to do this next week!! I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for entrusting me with his children. 
One more thought and then I'll go, It has been pressed upon my mind the importance of keeping a study journal as I study. I haven't been jotting things down in my study journal for a few months, and I started doing so again, and I find that I remember a lot more and I get a whole lot more out of my studies, regardless of how disorganized the notes might be or how messy the handwriting is! Sure, typing out my thoughts onto the app is great if I don't have anything else to write on, and the app does allow for more easy organization and viewing in the future, but I have noticed a difference when I use my study journal in addition to the app's features. I would highly recommend trying it out with your own studies if you haven't already. 
Thanks so much for all the prayers you send my way, I hope you enjoyed this email and I also hope that you have a great week!!Elder Paul


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