April 1, 2019


Sturgeon Bay, WI


Elder Jeppson

week 72 - 8 hour service and answers to prayers!

So this week has felt super long!! We have had a ton of cool stuff happen though! So this last week was stake conference, and that was super awesome because I got to see all of the families who I grew to love in the Green Bay 2nd ward, the ward I only served for a transfer in. They also called a new stake president for Green Bay because the old stake president is going to become a mission president down in Mexico. That sunday I went on exchanges with the zone leaders. Elder Lewis, Elder Hubler and I went to a member lunch and talked with their cousins, Tracy and John. They were super awesome, we talked with them for about 2 and a half hours about religion and about the Book of Mormon and about the gathering of israel and family history work. I know that family history work is important and that it is a great way to start a gospel discussion with your friends and family. Also John used to live up in Sturgeon Bay, so they're coming to visit and they said that they would take us out to lunch! haha what a blessing. 
This last friday we were tracting way out in a small town trailer park, I'm pretty sure that the trailer park was the entire town, it was that small! We had knocked a few doors, and had prayed before we started. The last door we knocked on opened to reveal an older Lutheran grandma, who was not entirely pleased to see us, and rejected our approaches. As we walked away, her grandson walked outside and began following us at a distance. We were a little concerned until he called out for us to stop, and when we got closer he asked us if we knew some of the youth in the branch! He explained that he had wanted to join the church a few years earlier, but never had, and wanted to come to church that sunday!! What a miracle and an answer to prayer. Hopefully we can work with him more! 
Last story for this week, on friday as well we did some service at the YMCA dusting off trophies (pic attatched.). We had been praying that morning for an opportunity to share the gospel with one of the workers who we had gotten to know over the past weeks. And as we were leaving I thought, "Dang we didn't get to share the gospel with anyone here, thats too bad." Moments later one of the ladies at the front desk asked us to stick around for a minute, and asked us if we could help her move this next month or so, and we of course said we would love too! That was an answer to prayer as well, not in the way that we thought it was going to be answered, but that happens more often than not! 
Also this saturday we got to help out a part member family, the Williamson family with their parents house again. We were with them from 9am to 8:30 that night!! That was a long time, but it was time well spent! We helped the williamsons organize all the stuff in the house to the point that they no longer need our help, and when we got back to their house, we had a great time talking with them about them about the temple and helping the non-member father work through and understand some of his concerns about the temple sealing and how no one but endowed members of the church can attend. I look forward to researching more about this topic and helping him to understand it more. I'm so grateful that famliies can be together forever, I've been studying about why that doctrine is so important lately and I can't wait to share the results with you all!
Well this weekly is long enough as it is, thanks for reading everyone and I hope you have a great week!!Elder Paul


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