January 14, 2019


Green Bay, WI 2nd Ward


Elder Jacob Harris

Week 62 - Stoned cyclist, bad taxidermy

Hello everyone!! This week in Green Bay 2 was pretty great, we had one lesson with a lady named Niesha, pronounced nYE-EEsha. That lesson went pretty well, although I did end up not inviting her to baptism when I should have, follow the spirit people, don't chicken out!! She was really interested in the Book of Mormon, and was totally wiling to read and pray about it! The funny part of that lesson was when her sister's son came up to us afterwards and said: "Hey I got a question for you two.... do Y'all play Fortnite?" HAHAHA we then proceeded to explain that we couldn't play video games while we were missionaries. We asked him how many wins he had, and he said "... I haven't ever won yet..." We were dying haha. 
Other than that, this week has been nuts, so much crazy and awesome stuff has happened. As for the title of the email, on Tuesday we had a little finding time after District meeting, so we went to a referral we got a few days earlier. (This was probably the second time we had visited them) And as we were walking up the street, this man on a bicycle comes slowly down the sidewalk towards us. That was when I noticed that one of his feet wasn't on the pedals, and that his head was cocked to the side as far as it could go. He was kinda swaying back and forth but still managing to stay on the sidewalk, like if Jack Sparrow were to ride a bicycle. This was quite the weird sight, and luckily we turned towards the apartment complex before he crossed our path, then he rounded the corner of the street and kept gliding. We later saw him going back up the street, up a hill and using only one of his feet to push himself along like a scooter hahaha. That same day we also met a guy who said that he worshipped satan, and proudly displayed the 5 pentagram tatoos circling his neck... Right after that, we met this lady that had many contradictory beliefs, and asked us if we "Know the secret?" We said "What?" and she said "Its on neteflix, its a super awesome TV show that talks about religions." Elder Harris said that as soon as we saw the biclyclist that we were doomed to experience two more weird things, because they seem to come in threes, and sure enough, he was right!
Besides that we had an awesome dinner with the Pyper family, and said goodbye to them an a lot of the rest of the ward on Sunday. Which, Ironically we gave talks at. During my talk I was praying really hard that I would be able to fill the time because I didn't think I had enough material, but then I looked up when I was almost done, and it was two minutes away from when we were supposed to end, I even went until like 3 after, which wasn't bad but I was very, very surprised! So the Lord definitely answered my prayers. 
Oh yeah I am being transferred to Sheboygan, and Elder Harris is being transferred to Wisconsin Rapids! The green bay 2nd ward is getting two sister missionaries now, so I am hoping they can get some more work going here. I think they will. 
One last thing, Elder Harris and I on Sunday went over to a returning member's house, and did real life fruit-ninja, with vegetables, in their backyard, with a training sword, but it was freaking awesome!! Elder Harris was just naturally good at it, he even took an awesome video of him stabbing a head of lettuce straight through, and more!! See pics for more details haha!!
I'm going to have to stop, although stay tuned for next week because that is when I can send the pictures of visiting Lambeau Field, so if you like the packers be sure to check back next time!Have a great week!Elder Paul


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