January 7, 2019


Green Bay, WI 2nd Ward


Elder Jacob Harris

Week 61 - New Years and Referrals that DNE

Hello everyone, this week has been awesome!! On last monday we went to the Rau's house for a new years eve party. They had a chocolate fountain and foosball and they had balls of cotton yarn that they soaked in a bucket of kerosene and then lit on fire for us to throw around. That was super fun!! (See photos below) 
We had interviews with president and district council all day Tuesday so that went by fast.
Wednesday was great too! We had a good time shoveling driveways all day, and were the hand of God helping out one of our potentials. She had a cousin die a few days earlier, and was just thinking about when she was going to shovel the walk, when we started shoveling it for her! That answered a prayer of mine that we would be recognized as servants of the Lord by someone that day. Also we were driving by one of the ward member's house and we stopped to help their son shovel their driveway and found out that their daughter had gotten her mission call that day!! She is going to the California Carlsbad mission.  
On Friday we had a few appointments fall through, so we decided to go street contacting in downtown Green Bay. However, we didn't manage to talk to many people, it was kinda awkward. However, I will return sometime soon and give it another go. 
Saturday some really trippy stuff happened, we finally managed to contact a referral that we had gotten 4 times through different online sister missionaries. We had tried to contact her many times before, but figured we'd give it one more shot. Due to some miracle when we called her apartment on the comm system it actually worked, and then the room wasn't actually there but we managed to find her because her cat got out so we helped her get it back in. Then we had a good lesson with her and gave her the Spanish bible she requested. Afterward we picked up the Spanish elders and they said that she had let them in the day before!! She had been through a really bad car accident and had some severe memory problems, she should even be able to remember anything, so it was understandable that she had been referred 4 times and been taught twice in two days with no remembrance of it the next day. That was pretty dang funny!!
Thanks for reading everyone and have a great week!! Elder Paul 


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