December 3, 2018


Madison 4th Ward


Elder Evans

Week 56 - Light the World and Green Bay 2

Hello everyone!! I just learned that I am being transferred this Wednesday to the Greenbay 2nd ward!!! I am super excited, and my companion Elder Harris is a cool guy too, so I got lucky on both accounts.
Besides that, this week was pretty good, we had a lesson with Tia, and she had no issues with the law of chastity and the Word of wisdom. However, on Saturday she missed a call with us, and we thought that something might be wrong. On Sunday she dropped us, she wants to attend a non-denominational church, so that kinda stinks. Not that non-denominational churches are bad, I just know that it won't be the same for her. I really hope that Elder Evans and Elder Lucas his new companion can figure out what happened or at least stay in contact with her. Besides that, we had a great lesson with Hannah and the Gardner family on Thursday. We taught about the light the world initiative. That has been a major theme this last month, and it has been great to talk about the story of Christ's birth and how we can share his light with other people. 
I know I can get kinda tired of the Christmas season sometimes because of its repetitiveness, you read the Christmas stories and listen to the Christmas songs over and over, and some of the meaning gets lost for me. However, on a mission, and while teaching about light the world, I have gained a new perspective on why we celebrate Christmas. Christmas exists because of Jesus Christ, and he matters so much to everyone. I am so grateful that no matter how many times I tell the story of Jesus Christ, or however many times I promise people that Jesus Christ can change their life it doesn't lose any meaning. Jesus Christ has changed my life and he can change anyone's.
Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great week! Keep an eye out for light the world stuff I'll try to post to facebook!

Elder Paul


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