August 27, 2018


Sturgeon Bay, WI


Elder Matthew Ragle

Week 42 - Tour of Door County!

Ever wanted to throw around your useless gobs of money? Too many Benjamins crowding up your wallet? Then head on up to Door County Wisconsin! Here we have expensive yachts just sitting around, hotels, resorts, expensive restaurants, beach houses, and more!! 
Hey everyone! Elder Paul here, this week in Sturgeon Bay has been awesome! We started off the week doing service for the Williamson family, helping them move from Neenah to here. Then on Wednesday we went up near Ellison bay to help pick potatoes at a farm with Sister Waskin. That was pretty cool! Then we took a tour of the northern tip of Door County, or all the little towns that are spread across the rest of the peninsula. Including Fish Creek, Ellison Bay, Sister Bay, Gills Rock, and more! While we were there we visited some members of the church who hadn't come in a while, and didn't have much luck. We did get to meet a few though. They all feel like tourist towns though, so a little surreal. See Pics below! (There is even a restaurant that has a grass roof and has goats that sit on top if its not too rainy or hot or cold. We were unlucky and they were taken off because of the rain.)
Other than that, we have been helping a member of the Branch here to overcome some of her past word of wisdom problems that have resurfaced. Elder Ragle has taught me a lot about being bold and serious with people when it comes to their progression in the Gospel. Because after all, there isn't one joke in the scriptures. The Ancient and Modern prophets have never been flippant about the fight we are all engaged in between the dark and the light.  
Hopefully now that we have earned the trust of the families in this branch, they will be more comfortable sharing the gospel with their friends and family members. And then allowing us to teach them. Also the members were kind enough to buy us bicycles this week so we can use them to ride around Sturgeon Bay and save miles. This is so nice of them and will be very useful to us!! 
Thanks for reading and have a great week!!!Elder Paul


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