August 6, 2018


Sturgeon Bay, WI


Elder Matthew Ragle

Week 39 - I have no idea what I'm doing! Well, kinda

Hello everybody!
(spiced it up a little)This week in Richla.... PSYCH! Sturgeon Bay has been an awesome place to serve so far!! My new companion and I have been doubled in to this area, so that means that we just drove here together and we have as much information as the last elders were willing to leave us! We were given an list of names to go visit but had no clue who the people were or what was going on! So needless to say its been a little hectic. However, now that we've been here for a little bit, we are getting the members and investigators names down a little more and it is not so stressful. I have enjoyed getting to know the members here, and I am trying to do it more quickly than my last area so I can encourage member missionary work more.

On our first day we had no clue what was going on, but God was definitely there helping us out! First we had a member call to say good morning to us who we hadn't even contacted before and she took us out to lunch and showed us where the church building was!! (We had just been wondering about that before she called!) And after that we had our apartment neighbor introduce himself to us, and he was a huge help. While surveying the apartment Elder Ragle told me he couldn't sleep well without the AC in the bedroom. The bedroom did have a case for an AC, but we noticed that the empty case had become infested with wasps!! We were going to buy some wasp spray from Walmart but forgot, so Elder Ragle was bracing himself for a bad night's sleep, when Dick our neighbor knocked on our door! He actually had recently cleaned out the outside of the apartment and had dealt with a lot of wasp nests, so we asked him if he had any extra spray and he let us use it!! That was definitely the hand of God showing us that he cares about us! Other than that, we haven't really been able to meet with any of the people we're teaching, and we didn't really meet anyone new, but my hopes are high for this transfer!
Thanks for reading everyone, and enjoy the beautiful pics of sturgeon bay!Elder Paul


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