May 21, 2018


Richland Center Branch


Elder Tatum

Week 28 - Muscoda Mushroom Festival and more!

Hello everyone,This week we had some pretty crazy stuff happen in the Richland Center area. First off, this Saturday in the nearby town of Muscoda, we heard rumors of a big festival that had to do with mushrooms, I cannot remember the name of them though. They have a parade and a ton of street vendors who set up shops in the parks and along the streets, all to celebrate this mushroom that sprouts near the town each year. There were a ton of people there, but none were too interested in talking to us. So we had to go back to Richland Center to find people there. 
That same day, however, we found an awesome lady named Alex in an apartment complex. She has just recently lost a 20 month old daughter to cancer, so she really needs the comfort and peace that God can give her. I am pretty excited to talk to her again this week. 
Elder Tatum and I have been talking about Tender Mercies this week, or little things that does for us individually to show us he cares. And there have been quite a few we've noticed this week! One was Elder Tatum needing a study journal because he forgot to buy one this last PDay, but at a Book of Mormon study group we went to the teacher Sister Humphries gave us all one. I personally have been thinking a lot about how I can gain a personal relationship with my Savior, and I flipped open the Ensign magazine to a random page that said if you want a better relationship with God, learn how to pray better. I know that God answers our prayers and that he is there for us, we just have to learn to see his hand. 
Quick update on Tina and Cooper our investigators, we taught them the restoration and they recieved it very well. Cooper especially thought that it made a lot of sense! 
I forgot to bring my camera with me to the library, so I got no pictures yet! Sorry, I'll get them out next week. 
Have a great week! Hope you have some awesome summer plans!Elder Paul 


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