May 7, 2018


Richland Center Branch


Elder Peck

Week 26 - 6 Month Mark!! Elder Paul

Dang!! 6 Months as a missionary has already flown by! That is crazy, and it definitely doesn't feel like it has been 6 months. Jeez, if adult life goes by this fast, then I'd better buckle up! 
This week in Richland Center has been really amazing. Elder Thompson the Zone Leader and I went on exchanges this Wednesday and we had a blast. We tracted for a while in Cazenovia, WI, and found a really incredible lady named Tina who has been super prepared by God to hear the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. On Friday Elder Peck and I taught her and her son Cooper the Plan of Salvation, because he has a lot of questions like "What do I need to do to get to heaven? and What is it like there?" We were able to answer every single one, and he was very receptive to it! I am so psyched to teach them again this week. All in all, this whole experience has made me very grateful for the knowledge that I have had since birth about what the purpose of this life is and what happens after this life. I am grateful to God for leading me to those that I can share His Gospel with. 
There are people out there who need our help, and who need what we have! 
Other than that, we tried to put in an air conditioner in our window, because our apartment doesn't have a cooling system. However, it rained all night long, and the air conditioner let water into our apartment. It took about 24 hours for the carpet to dry up after I stepped on it the next morning! So to compensate we taped a blanket to a doorframe in our kitchen and ran the air conditioner into our bedroom, so all the hot air went into the kitchen and all the cold air went into the bedroom! It worked really well actually haha! (See photos)
Oh also my companion Elder Peck is getting transferred to Wausau, WI!! And I'm staying here with Elder Tatum!Thanks for reading everyone, and hope you have a great week!Elder Paul


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