March 19, 2018


Richland Center Branch


Elder Peck

Week 19 - 421 Tracting!

Hello everyone! 
This week in Richland Center has been a little slow, with a lot of time spent tracting either here or in the nearby town of Viola, WI. The title of this email is referencing the tracting method that Elder Sluga (our district leader) suggested to us, where you visit one potential investigator that past missionaries have found and recorded in the Area Book, and then you knock doors around that house up until you reach either 4 doors knocked, 2 doors answered, or 1 new potential Investigator. It actually makes time go by really fast, much faster than picking a street and knocking all the doors. 
One cool thing we did this week was help a new family move into the branch, from the Dodgeville branch. It took a really long time to get all the stuff out of their house, pack it into cars, drive to a storage place, and rinse and repeat. The funniest part was when the father built a bonfire in his backyard to burn up a couch. The story behind the couch is that the Dodgeville elders couldn't figure out a way to get the couch out of the basement, (they literally spent an hour trying to get it past the door!) so they resorted to cutting the couch into pieces with an electric circular saw. And since building a fire in your backyard is legal in WI, but leaving a couch on the side of the road will get you fined, they just decided to burn it haha! 
In other news, I went on an exchange to Dodgeville and Elder Sluga and I tracted into a super nice college age guy named Adam. Adam grew up catholic, but his family kinda faded away from church and religion, so now he doesn't really know what he believes. We taught him about the Restoration and how he can know that God is real by experimenting on God's word and then recognizing the promised blessings. Like reading the Book of Mormon and praying, and then recognizing an answer. (The trick is learning to recognize the answer) Anyway I am super psyched to hear more from the Dodgeville Elders about what becomes of Adam, and I'll keep you-all posted. 
Thanks for reading everyone!! Have a great week!Elder Paul


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