February 5, 2018


Richland Center Branch


Elder Peck

Week 13 - The Lord Giveth and he taketh away

Hello everyone, its been a LOOOONG week this week, but it went by very fast. Time is weird. Anyways so many totally different things happened this week that it is difficult to summarize them into one coherent whole, but I guess the theme for this week is finding time up to our ears! Elder Peck and I have tried to visit so many people in Richland Center, Gotham, Muscoda, Spring Green, Avoca, and other outlying towns, but no one really let us in. So we had many hours to fill just trying to follow the Spirit and go find a place to knock doors. However, we have found 15 potential investigators this week as a result of all this door knocking. (I would give you their names, but to be honest I can't remember all but like two of them...) I am so grateful to the Lord for the success he has given us, because I have heard tales of missionaries that tract forever and find no one. For the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, but we need to work hard regardless.

The last crazy story that I would like to share with you involves the search for less-active members in Richland Center. Elder Peck and I spent a lot of time on Friday trying to find Less Active members and help bring them closer to Christ. However, some of these people live in apartment buildings or senior centers which are buzzer protected and locked. Which means we cannot get into the building to knock on the door without the person being home, and willing to let us in. However, when we walked up to one of the senior centers on Friday, one of the residents stepped outside to wait for her ride. we talked to her a little about our message, and asked her if she knew the less-active man we were looking for. To our surprise, she did and was enthusiastic about us sharing the gospel with that man, so much so that she let us inside the building to go knock on the door! Plus she said she would be willing to listen to our message too! Then later when we went to an apartment building, some residents of the apartment building walked out just in time to let us into the door, and confirm that the less-active couple we were looking for lived there! Neither of the less-actives were home, but it was a really cool experience. I know that God is in the coincidences of our lives, and if we look we will see Him there.

Thanks for reading everyone!
Elder Paul


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