January 8, 2018


Neenah Ward


Elder Bean

Week 9 - Head in the Clouds

Hello everyone, upon further efforts to do some maths, I realized that the last weeks email shouldn't have been week 7 and 8, not 7, because 1 is not 2... :) 
This week was pretty crazy, and it went by super fast, partially because it was transfer week and partially because the P day was last Tuesday. But overall, I think that things are looking up! The title this week is a reference to a great week, but it also has a pun in it. There are many factories in Neenah and the surrounding cities, and they all spew water vapor out of their towering smokestacks 24 hours a day. Sometimes the wind is so strong that it pushes the vapor right down to street level, which means everyone on the street has their head in the clouds! HA! (Not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of that one.)
Overall, this week has been pretty back to back filled with appointments, but a lot of them canceled so we had a decent amount of free time with which to find new people to teach. We didn't get to meet with Geovanni this week, or with Ester, the cool lady who gave us chocolate and cake when we met her. but at least they cared enough to call us and cancel. 
Another cool experience Elder Bean and I had this week was getting to teach Jose and his wife Maria. We were stopping by their house because they hadn't been responding to texts, and were about to leave, when they pulled up! Jose had to cut his own hair, (apparently he learned how to cut hair really well from a YouTube video tutorial series... I guess its proof YouTube does have a lot of usefulness!) but we talked to Maria, and learned that she is actually very interested at this point in time. She sees the degrading moral values and horrible things happening in the world, and wants to find the right religion to raise her kids in and give them a moral compass. However, she is a little bit skeptical of whether she can actually gain faith in God and Jesus Christ. I just hope we can teach her about how reading the Book of Mormon will help her gain faith. That is one of the things that I have learned a lot about on a mission, and it is so important that everyone understands this. To gain a testimony all one must do is to get into the habit of doing the gospel fundamentals like reading the scriptures and applying them to our lives, going to church, and praying daily. Over time, your testimony will grow like the sun slowly illuminating the sky. Then one day you'll look back over your life and find that you do believe that the gospel fundamentals are of God and that Jesus Christ is real. And this is our invitation for everyone who desires to believe, try and experiment upon the fundamentals! 
One more cool experience. Elder Bean and I were weekly planning in our apartment when Elder Bean took a quick bathroom break. While I was letting my mind drift for a few seconds and looking out the window, I happened to notice someone who was wearing a significatly less "stay-puffed marshmallow man" kind of winter outfit. Just two thin shirts and a pair of jeans! I then realized that I actually recognized the crazy person! His name is Samm, and he is a very friendly guy I may have mentioned previously. (He is usually walking his really nice really fluffy dog Rufus) However, we had not yet been able to see him since the new year to ask him when he is free for us to come teach him/talk. I yelled through the door to Elder Bean, and we both left the apartment in a flash, trying to look like we just happened to be passing by. Long story short, we actually were able to catch Samm after a half a block loop, and set up a return appointment! (Well kinda, he just said we could text him.) It was a super cool experience that taught me to act quickly on the opportunities that God gives to us, because if we don't they might just slip away. 
All right I've gotta go, I hope you enjoyed reading and enjoy the photos at the bottom!Love you all!Elder Paul


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