January 2, 2018


Neenah Ward


Elder Bean

Week 7 - Life on Easy Street!

Hello again everyone! Its been quite a while since I last sent an email, because us missionaries called our families on Christmas last week, and New Years Day wasn't a P day. But now I'm back and ready to party!
I almost forgot where to start! The title: Easy Street is the name of a street in the nearby city of Menasha, which happens to have a trailer park on it. It is a block away from the Paradise Ln. trailer park, and two blocks from the Elru St. trailer park. Both Paradise and Elru have many Spanish speaking people living in the trailer parks, so we've been meaning to tract Easy St. for a while, in hopes of finding some new English and Spanish investigators, (and admittedly so we could say we know people on Easy Street) and this last week we finally did it! However, contrary to what we initially thought, Easy Street is not at all easy to tract. For starters it is right next to a very wide river, and the wind is always blowing from off the river towards Easy St. I am convinced this causes the wind to pick up speed and a little boost of humidity before it blasts right through Easy St., because it is the COLDEST street we have ever tracted on! Literally after about 30 seconds of exposure to this wind, Elder Bean and I have lost all feeling in our faces and are beginning to slur our words because we can barely feel our lips and tongues! And on top of that, we have yet to meet a person who seems even vaguely interested in hearing our message, which I guess means the people are as chilly as the wind. ;)
In summary of the last two weeks, we have had a LOT of investigators cancel over the week before Christmas, but now things are looking up, and we've gotten appointments with people who weren't available before. Don't get me wrong, we still met with some people before Christmas, but the vast majority all told us to wait until after the break. 
On a lighter note, OUR TIWI FROZE!!! The Tiwi is a device put in all missionary cars that plugs into the car's computer and monitors your car for bad driving. It also needs a driver to log into it with a key card, which means any bad driving will be sent to the mission office under the driver's name. Most missionaries despise their Tiwi's, because they only allow you to go 7 mph over the speed limit, and will report braking too hard, accelerating too hard, etc. However, apparently many Tiwi's were not designed to withstand the extreme temperatures of Wisconsin, and our Tiwi froze on pretty much every day this week, which means it never turns on until you unplug it and plug it back in. I'm not really sure why that solves the problem, but it apparently works pretty well. (Don't worry we were told to do this by Elder Busath our Mission Car technician guy.)
Mission life isn't all bad and cold though and I have had several awesome spiritual experiences this week. The most prominent one was teaching Geovanni, a super amazing 20 year old who was found  months ago by Elder Soffe and Elder Lopez, but became a ghost until now! Elder Bean and I were able to catch him home twice, so that is definitely too much of a coincidence to not be the hand of God. During our lesson with him, he expressed a sincere desire to come closer to God, and we told him that the way he could do that is through reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know if it is true. We also invited him to be baptized once he knew it was true and he said yes! We meet with him again this next week and I am super exited!The second most amazing spiritual experience was 3 to 6 Week Training, which is essentially a Zone Conference for every missionary currently being trained. I got to talk to the Elders in my MTC district again, which was super cool! During the training, we talked a lot about how to improve and become "consecrated missionaries" which essentially means that you are a dang-spanking-awesome missionary who is super dedicated to the work and to the Lord. It is easy to get overwhelmed by trying to improve on every aspect of missionary life at once, which is something I will sometimes try to do. We learned that it is better to make a list of things one needs to improve on, and then organize it based on priority, and then start focusing on the top 1 or 2 things until you've improved. (We're not supposed to completely abandon the other things on the list, just place focus on the top two.) In this way one makes progress without becoming completely overwhelmed! I really loved this idea and am already starting to apply it! I would recommend it for you-all too, because this idea can easily be applied to anything you need to improve on! 
One last tiny thing. Its been super awesome to be a missionary during Christmas time, because all we did was love and serve others! I have definitely strengthened my testimony of Jesus Christ over the last few weeks, and I know that through serving others we can all find great happiness during any time of the year! Hope you-all had a great Christmas too!
Well, I've gotta go, but thanks for reading everyone and I'll see you next week! (Enjoy the photos!)Elder Paul


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