July 10, 2017


Trelew Parque 2


Elder Ammon Galvez

What the heck am I doing?

Well this week was a little more than interesting. I spent all week in Comodoro waiting to see who i would be training. I found out it is Elder Galvez and i lost my mind!! You will have to ask my mom why its a story i dont want to write out ha.

So Saturday we finally got back to our area. We went and taught Martin and Nico wheo are our 2 baptisms this weekend. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and it went great!! Elder Galvez taught part of it and did really well!

Sunday we had church and there seemed to be a theme! So the night before i decided i would teach the Gospel Principles class on the Sabbath Day, I think thats what it is in english if not in spanish its called El Dia de Reposo. Anyway i decided i would teach that. We get to church and find out that in Priesthood meeting they would also be teaching it. Then in Sacrament Meeting one of the speakers taught about the Dia de Reposo, It was kind of interesting because that was the only lesson that Martin and Nico didnt have yet. So in my Gospel Principles class i just went back over key points and made sure they understood. It was kind of funny how that just was the theme of the day ha!

So this Saturday we will be having 2 baptisms and right after we had a Family Home Evening planned for the ward so we will be doing the baptism and then right after we will be havin the activity. I am hoping and praying that we have a lot of investigators come to both and then love it and then get baptised ha.

I love my mission so much and i realized that it realyis flying by especially now that i am training and i am remembering when i got to the mission and had no clue what was going on. that doesnt seem like all that long ago but it was ha. I have learned to really take advantage of the time i have and enjoy it and make it last!! I love you guys and i hope you have a great week!!!!


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